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The new    face of Paris 2024 
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The emblem is the first image along the journey to the Games
It conveys the ambition of Paris 2024 to organise the Games both for the people and with the people

A single symbol used by both the Olympic and Paralympic Games for the first time

The Olympic and Paralympic Games represent two halves of the same project, symbolised by a single emblem and a shared vision that sport changes lives

Sport  changes lives  
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  • “Art d’Eco”

    when French chic
    goes eco-friendly

  • The emblem and typeface were inspired by the Art Deco movement, the first total art movement, which reached its peak at the last Paris Games in 1924.

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It is reflected in a choice of attractive colours and a stylish design↙ ← ↖ ↑ ↗ → ↘ ¢ ŵ ẅ (^_-) ˝ ¸ ˚ ¨ ˜ ˇ ˆ ` ´ ẁ ý ÿ ŷ ] [ (^–^), : ; … … ? ! ¿ ¡ ( ) { } [ ] / _ - | « ‹ › ‚ „ ‘ “ ” ' • & ¶ † ‡ § * ™ ® © @ ª º # № € $ ¥ £ ₹ ¢ :-)
The Paris2024 font
is variable.
From hairline thickness
to extra-bold,
the font was
specially designed
to adapt subtly
to all digital text.
Ambition    Sustainable    Impact    Responsible    Economical    Neutrality    Efficient    Impact   Impact    Impact    Efficient    Economical    Sustainable    Ambition    Neutrality    Responsible   Efficient    Impact    Impact    Neutrality    Ambition    Sustainable    Economical    Responsible   Responsible    Ambition    Efficient    Neutrality    Sustainable    Impact    Economical    Impact   Impact    Ambition    Economical    Neutrality    Sustainable    Responsible    Impact    Efficient   Ambition    Impact    Economical    Impact    Efficient    Neutrality    Sustainable    Responsible   Sustainable    Impact    Efficient    Economical    Neutrality    Ambition    Impact    Responsible   Neutrality    Sustainable    Impact    Responsible    Economical    Ambition    Impact    Efficient   Sustainable    Responsible    Impact    Neutrality    Ambition    Economical    Impact    Efficient   Responsible    Impact    Efficient    Sustainable    Impact    Neutrality    Economical    Ambition   Impact    Responsible    Neutrality    Impact    Ambition    Economical    Sustainable    Efficient   Impact    Sustainable    Ambition    Economical    Impact    Responsible    Neutrality    Efficient   Responsible    Neutrality    Efficient    Ambition    Economical    Sustainable    Impact    Impact   

A dark digital mode to consume less energy


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