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The French team enters the stage

Because their achievements and triumphs are the same. Because it’s the same effort, the same blood, sweat and tears. Because the talent and sacrifice are the same. Because they are united by everything, they stand together as one. For the first time in history, France’s athletes form one single team: the French Olympic and Paralympic Team.

En route
to Tokyo

Fuelled by the conviction that the feats of the past can inspire the triumphs of the future, and that diversity gives greater meaning to togetherness, we have chosen the path of unity: a unity that is in the DNA of sport, the DNA of the Games, and the DNA of Paris 2024. A unity that we wish to promote for society as a whole.

french team

A country’s sense of unity is forged both in times of adversity and at moments of sporting greatness. The very spirit of the Games is imbued with it; their power to unite goes beyond the ordinary. In Tokyo, without their fans cheering them on from the stands, France’s athletes will wear their country’s colours with pride. They will demonstrate French sporting excellence, in all its diversity and beauty.

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The flag-bearers for “Equipe de France

In a break with tradition, the Olympic and Paralympic flag-bearers for the forthcoming Tokyo Games will be announced at the same time. This is a unique opportunity to bring an entire nation together behind the leaders who will inspire them and guide them to victory.

This joint announcement is without precedent. Until now, there have been only two flag-bearers but in Tokyo there will be four: two men and two women; two Olympic athletes and two Paralympic athletes. Shoulder to shoulder in one united team, without distinction of discipline, disability or gender: our “Equipe de France”.

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Get ready for the Tokyo Games!

The Tokyo Games are just around the corner. For a new generation of athletes, it’s time to step up to the mark and make history. But how much do you really know about the Games? Are you sure you’re ready for them? Just like an athlete going into competition, you’ll need to do a warm-up first. We’ve prepared one for you, and it’s pretty intense: every mistake is fatal… But each failure also takes you a step closer to your goal, since the more you play, the more you know!

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Don’t let up until the finish line

Answer as many questions correctly as possible, as quickly as possible and put your name in the high score table.

End of the game : 23 Juillet 2021.