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A single emblem for Paris 2024

The logo for Paris 2024 combines three separate symbols – the gold medal, the flame and Marianne, the personification of the French Republic. Each of these symbols reflects a part of our identity and values. It is also the first time in history the same emblem has been used for both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games. 

THE GOLD MEDAL – symbolising achievement

It is the example set by our Olympic and Paralympic athletes, the heroes of the Games. By excelling themselves and improving their personal bests, they demonstrate that everyone has a chance of winning. We all remember Renaud Lavillenie sealing the Olympic title on his last attempt at the London Games, or Marie Amélie Le Fur, who won three golds and set two new world records at the Paralympic Games in Rio.

But the medal for the Paris 2024 Games isn’t reserved solely for champions. It is there to reward all those who give everything they have and enable others to do the same.

THE FLAME symbolising the energy we share

The Olympic and Paralympic flame carries a powerful message. Different people see different meanings and feel different emotions about the flame. Who could forget Cathy Freeman, the Indigenous athlete chosen to run the anchor leg in the relay at Sydney in 2000, or the Paralympic Archer Antonio Rebollo, who lit the torch by firing an arrow in Barcelona in 1992.

The flame symbolises the unique energy that drives this mega event, encouraging us to be bold and forge a new way of organising the Games to rise to the challenges we face today.

MARIANNE – symbolising France

Marianne is the personification of the bold spirit of creativity that inspires our Games. Marianne, symbol of the French Republic, represents the same values we find in sport, the Olympics and the Paralympics – humanism, fraternity, generosity and sharing. Marianne is a familiar face in French culture that is omnipresent in day-to-day life, appearing on stamps and outside every town hall for example. She reflects our desire to organise the Games for the people, in close collaboration with the people.