The Sports Movement

A bid led by athletes and the sports movement

Athletes are at the heart of the Paris 2024 bid. Since day one, they have contributed to the design and promotion of the project.

The bid is co-chaired by renowned leaders in the world of sports:

  • Tony Estanguet, member of the IOC and the IOC Athletes’ Commission, three-time Olympic champion in men’s canoe slalom (2000, 2004 and 2012)
  • Bernard Lapasset, former Chairman of World Rugby from 2008 to 2016


Tony Estanguet and Bernard Lapasset, co-chairs of Paris2024

Other athletes occupy key positions within the Bid Committee, including Guy Drut, IOC member and Olympic champion; Etienne Thobois (Chief Executive of Paris 2024), Olympian in badminton; Jean-Philippe Gatien (Sports Director of Paris 2024), two-time Olympic medallist in table tennis; and Thierry Rey (Special Advisor to the Bid), Olympic judo champion.



Etienne Thobois, Jean-Philippe Gatien, Thierry Rey
Marie-Amélie Le Fur, Bernard Lapasset, Tony Estanguet, Guy Drut

A Paris 2024 Athletes’ Committee (featuring 24 Olympians and Paralympians) was appointed in the first months of the bid. Co-chaired by Teddy Riner and Marie-Amélie Le Fur (both gold medalists in London and in Rio), it convenes once every quarter and makes up a real force, bringing forward proposals for the Committee, as evidenced by the implementation of an app dedicated to athletes (enabling them to receive information about the bid, share in the project and mobilise their community) or the creation of a gesture of support for the bid, which is well-represented on social networks.

Beyond the Athletes’ Committee, the bid has chosen to mobilise the sports movement, with hundreds of athletes sharing in every step of the technical project, including the choice of the site for the Olympic and Paralympic Village, and taking part in technical visits by International Federations, for example. They also help promote the project whenever they have a chance.


Second meeting of Paris 2024 Athletes' Committee