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Assessing our impact in order to build the Paris 2024 legacy

Aware that sport in general and major sporting events in particular can helpgenerate a range of impacts and promote or accelerate the implementation of various major societal projects, Paris 2024 wanted to put in place a shared and coordinated approach for assessing its Impact & Legacy strategy. This will cover the actions driven directly by Paris 2024, as well as those developed by the Paris 2024 Endowment Fund laureate projects.

Looking beyond this, the aim is to ensure that these assessment tools are distributed and adopted, particularly by laureate projects of the Impact 2024 call for projects, while ensuring a successful handover to the sporting movement in France and around the world.

Marie Barsacq, Impact and Legacy Executive Director, Paris 2024
Paris 2024 believes that sport, through its outstanding capacity to engage and mobilise, must be a core feature of responses to the challenges we face today. Recognised by the United Nations as a major contributor to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals, sport, a source of engagement, integration and personal fulfilment, is vital for transforming society. A robust assessment approach will enable us to support this belief and promote increased awareness of the social impact of sport. In this way, it directly contributes to the legacy that we want to build.

Our first achievements

The approach adopted by Paris 2024 is aligned with international recommendations concerning the social impact of sport, from the IOC’s Agenda 2020+5 to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Paris 2024 will look to assess the effects of the “Impact & Legacy” strategy and will therefore coordinate work in a certain number of areas. This approach is not intended to be restrictive and will open up opportunities to develop collaboration with other stakeholders (State, research sector) with a view to extending the assessment’s final scope.

Alongside the social impact assessment approach led by Paris 2024, the French State and the Paris Region’s major municipalities have agreed to carry out, from 2024, studies to assess the impact of the Olympic and Paralympic Games on France and more specifically on the various host communities, taking into consideration the legacy and support policies planned by all of the public bodies.

Paris 2024’s assessment approach will be overseen by a Supervising Committee of Evaluation, made up of experts from France and other countries. They will provide an independent view on the work carried out in order to ensure the most rigorous and scientific approach possible for the assessment.

To know more about the assessment strategy of Paris 2024

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