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The Audit Committee

Transparency and compliance are two of the vital principles that guide Paris 2024’s organisation and action. To that end, it has set up three committees (Audit, Ethics and Remuneration), to task people outside Paris 2024 with ensuring it follows the principles in the Paris 2024 Code of Ethics. 

Paris 2024 uses the Audit Committee’s recommendations – which are based on its members’ experience, uncompromising standards and neutral views – to continue to honour the commitments it made when Paris bid to host the Games.  

A group of experts meeting on a regular basis

This Committee reviews the way Paris 2024 is managed in light of its commitments and makes any necessary recommendations, in particular to ensure Paris 2024’s budget remains viable and that its accounts are kept and monitored properly. For instance, the Audit Committee reviews Paris 2024’s financial statements and annual budget before they are submitted to the Board of Directors for approval.  

The Audit Committee meets every month to discuss all the matters it deems relevant in relation to Paris 2024’s risk management and finances, and the accounting method it applies to prepare the Organising Committee’s annual financial statements. It also ensures we fulfil the pledges we made when we signed our Host City Contract with the IOC. 

The Audit Committee’s members

The Audit Committee brings together a variety of experienced and impartial experts from all types of backgrounds – the sports world, government agencies and leading companies in several sectors – to shed light on the topics it discusses during its meetings. The members are appointed by several stakeholders in Paris 2024’s ecosystem. 


  • Jacques Lambert, retired Préfet, former Chair of the Euro 2016 steering committee and Managing Director of the French committee organising the 1998 football world cup. 

Member appointed by the CNOSF

  • Michel Callot, Treasurer of the CNOSF.

 Member appointed by central government

  • Jean-Marc Oléron, Deputy Director, 8th subdivision, Budget Ministry. 

Member appointed by Paris City Council

  • Christian de Vaulchier, General Coordinator, internal accounting and financial control , city of Paris.

Member proposed by Paris 2024’s President and approved by the Board of Directors

  • Catherine Sueur, Chair of Télérama and Chair of its supervisory board.  
  • François Morinière, member of Group Bayard’s supervisory board, former Managing Director of L’Equipe.
  • Jérémie Pellet, Director of Expertise France.
  • Yves Wehrli, Lawyer.
  • Patricia Langrand, executive Vice-President of groupe Steria.

General economic and financial supervision

Statutory auditors