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Building the legacy of the games

The Paris 2024 organising committee has established a new model for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, pledging to deliver an ambitious, spectacular, universal event that is more responsible, more sustainable, more united and more inclusive. The Paris 2024 Games provide a unique opportunity to create momentum for a new social project.

Creating a lasting positive impact

As a global event unlike any other, the Olympic and Paralympic journey energizes and permeates through to every part of a host region, which is why it must leave a mark that shapes a promising future for the communities that put on the event. During the Games, time seems to stand still, captivating competitors and spectators in the present moment. As such, each edition of the Games reflects the period in which it takes place, offering a snapshot of the world every four years, channelling the hopes and challenges of each generation. Throughout the history of the Games, each host country has harnessed the event to build a legacy by taking a collective and positive approach to drive the Olympic and Paralympic movement forward in a way that benefits society as a whole. 

Since 2017, Paris 2024 has worked hand in hand with its partners to show that an event of this scale can be sustainable if it is designed by men and women on an equal footing. It’s not about pretending we can change the world in four weeks, but rather producing a tangible impact on a local level that goes far beyond 2024, all across the country.  

What kind of games do we want?

Paris 2024 has been driven by two overriding goals since it was first formed – setting an example and bringing about transformation.  

We want to set an example by ensuring every window of opportunity opened by organising this event benefits everyone without exception. By creating over 150,000 jobs, the Games will drive economic activity and social progress, enhancing the lives of everyone in the country. Having handed contracts to over 1,200 SMEs, Paris 2024 is keen to leverage the Games to support the local artisans and small businesses that form the life blood of France’s domestic economy. Moreover, having renovated or installed 5,000 local sporting facilities in host cities, the Games are transforming day-to-day life in local communities. 

Furthermore, we want to bring about transformation, as the Games is an exceptional event and its significance cannot be underestimated. Paris 2024 has seized the unparalleled opportunity the Games offer to change society to develop an ambitious legacy strategy, the impact of which can already be felt and will carry through far beyond 2024. Beyond the sporting and economic benefits, the groundswell triggered by the Games will open the eyes of the general public to the incredible benefits of sport, improving health, education and inclusion, and other such critical issues for society to which sport can offer an effective solution. 

Sparking a lasting change in mindsets through volunteering and partnerships

Of course, whenever Olympic history is mentioned, thoughts immediately go to the athletes and their breathtaking performances. Or perhaps to the opening and closing ceremonies, which offer a harmonious celebration of humanity coming together. 

But Paris 2024 also wants to shine a spotlight on the thousands of volunteers who get involved to spread their love for sport as widely as possible. Furthermore, Paris 2024 is also keen to highlight the longstanding participation of its invaluable partners. As they structure and support this immense surge in community spirit, they like us understand that sport can change lives, and they will serve to uphold the legacy of the Games in France well beyond 2024.