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Call for premium partnerships

About the organisation

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee is a French association with headquarters at 96, boulevard Haussmann, 75008, Paris.

Paris 2024 is notably responsible for:

  • Planning, organising, funding and delivering the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and associated events;
  • Promoting the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games in France and overseas;
  • Taking part in activities to ensure the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games are sustainable;
  • Contributing to and maximising the positive impact and legacy of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, particularly with regards to sport.

Purpose of the call for partnerships

Paris 2024 is looking for domestic marketing partners, and for this purpose it is issuing a first call for potential “Premium” partners.

The main objective of these sponsoring or marketing contracts is to seek the funds needed to organise the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Paris 2024 intends to promote and market the rights held by the IOC in France to derive income which, along with other sources of funding, will allow it to deliver the event.

Additionally, marketing partners will be able to contribute to organisation of the games by providing the goods and services in product categories covered by these marketing rights. In other words, if there is a lack of cash financing, part of the remuneration of these marketing rights could be provided by contributions in kind on an incidental basis. As part of the use of these Olympic branding communication rights for their products, partners will receive exclusivity rights for supplies to Paris 2024 until the Games are delivered.

The sectors currently covered by marketing rights are the following:

  • Transport/Logistics
  • Accommodation
  • Catering
  • Food/non-food distribution
  • Healthcare
  • Security
  • Communication/Media
  • Construction
  • Fashion
  • Luxury
  • Distribution
  • Consumer products
  • Telecommunications

The perimeter of each partnership contract will depend on the product category or categories which the sponsoring candidates themselves wish to offer, subject to the categories for which the IOC will relax rights and conditions applicable to this relaxation, and negotiations allowing the best possible allocation of rights for Paris 2024 and its partners.

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games are a unique opportunity for economic figures to be associated with the biggest event in the world: 4 billion TV viewers, 13 million spectators and 20,000 journalists. They are an exceptional platform for experimentation, innovation and promotion to promote the brand’s issues, commercial development, innovation and corporate social responsibility.

Paris 2024 wants the Games to be a real laboratory of ideas to express partners’ ability to respond to significant societal issues. This global event starts in 2019, and it is crucial to get people involved who will make the event a success.

The organising committee’s objective is to form partnerships which create value and meaning for all parties, notably in line with the Paris 2024 vision, based on the following three main pillars:

Celebration: to contribute to the successful organisation of the Games and jointly develop crossover opportunities based on each party’s expertise;

Engagement: to share the Olympic and Paralympic values with the greatest number of people and rally around the Paris 2024 project;

Legacy:  to make history and leave a positive impression on society. In collaboration with Paris 2024, partners will undertake to actively participate in projects in line with the Paris 2024 legacy and sustainability strategy.

Main characteristics

The rights granted to partners will relate to the use of the trademarks “Paris 2024”, “French Olympic Team” and “French Paralympic Team” in France, as well as the associated marketing rights. Following negotiations, their nature and scope will depend on the partners’ contribution, and refer to three ranks of partnership based on the classification established by the IOC: Premium Partner, Official Partner and Official Supporter. Top partners selected by the IOC will receive the highest level of marketing and supply rights at an international level.

This first consultation, which will be followed by other calls for partnerships, relates to Premium partners.

The partnership will run until 31 December 2024.

Languages which can be used in the procedure: French (documents supplied in another language must be translated into French).

Participation criteria

Candidates must provide information about their legal situation and their economic, financial and technical capacities.

Applications will be selected for the negotiation of Premium partnerships based on:

  • The economic and financial capacity of applicant organisations: a minimum annual turnover of €500 million is required.
  • Where applicable, if a contribution in kind or exclusivity rights are under consideration, the technical capacities of the applicant organisations, and more specifically their ability to supply in France in the sector in question. Production and delivery volumes in France for the last three years might be requested by Paris 2024.

Bid analysis criteria

Paris 2024 will mutually negotiate with the selected candidates and will analyse the bids depending on the main criteria ranked as follows:

  • 1: Value of all contributions, in cash and in kind (priority given to the former);
  • 2: In the event of contributions in kind and/or exclusive supplies: 

a. quality, price and means of supply of products,

b. ability to contribute to the operational organisation of the OG,

c. ability to limit the risks and costs of coordinating Paris 2024.

  • 3. Contribution to the project’s reputation:

a. ability to promote the Olympic and Paralympic brands,

b. networking in France to promote and spread Paris 2024 throughout the country,

  • 4. Alignment with the Paris 2024 values and vision, particularly with regards to corporate social responsibility.

These criteria could be supplemented or further explained during negotiations with the selected candidates. Analysis of the final bids will be submitted to the Paris 2024 partnership committee, which will approve the selected bid by ensuring that it represents the best economic and operational solution for the funding, delivery and promotion of the Games.

Application deadline

Applications must be submitted by email: before 15 September 2019.

Paris 2024 will hold mutual negotiations with the selected candidates to formalise a final offer.

Contact for any further information:

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