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Celebrating sport throughout the city


Paris 2024 will be an unreserved celebration, and the whole world is invited. We guarantee spectators an unforgettable and inclusive experience that will honour sport across all regions, bridge the gap between the towns and stadiums, create connections between culture, sport and education and transcend legacy. In Paris and throughout France as a whole, people everywhere will get swept up in the party.

Monumental sporting arenas

Paris 2024 has set itself the exciting challenge to bring the sporting events to the city’s iconic monuments. The different sports will be staged with Paris’ most recognisable sights as a backdrop – the Eiffel tower (triathlon and open water swimming), the Champ de Mars (beach volleyball, judo and wrestling), the Grand Palais (fencing and taekwondo), the Esplanade des Invalides (archery), and the Château de Versailles (equestrian events and the modern pentathlon). The Games will make venues of places where people would never ordinarily see sport.

The festive spirit flowing in the Seine

Paris’ iconic river, the Seine, joins the historic heart of the city to the Seine-Saint-Denis department. This natural connection could become the instinctive focal point for festivities, where fans from both near and far could come and wander along its banks enjoying shows, concerts and live entertainment.

Shining a spotlight on France and on the Games itself

The considerable wealth of French heritage will accentuate the reach of the Games and offer a broad and inclusive celebration of art, architecture, gastronomy, culture, fashion and music.

France and its regions

Paris 2024 will stretch far beyond the city itself. The Games will involve the country as a whole. Eight different cities will host football matches, Marseille will organise the sailing events and another city, the name of which will be announced mid-2020, will put on the surfing competition.

From major cities to small villages, the Olympic Games will offer a burst of energy to the entire country. For example a number of local and regional authorities will be awarded the “Terre de Jeux 2024” label, certain towns will be listed as Games Preparation Centres that will serve as base camps for national delegations, fan zones will be set up all over to enable as many people as possible to enjoy the sporting achievements on display and the Olympic Torch Relay will cover all of France generating widespread enthusiasm.