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Celebrating the Games throughout France !

In 2024, the Games will offer a groundbreaking celebration of sport for the whole world. More than ever, the events will take place away from the stadiums, at the heart of the city. The opening ceremonies will also follow the same approach, for the first time in history; the host country’s communities will resonate, like never before, with the rhythm of the Games. Thanks to a groundbreaking approach, from village squares to gardens and parks throughout France, neighbourhood stadiums and school playgrounds, as well as exceptional sites like Trocadéro, the Hôtel de Ville square in Paris and Parc de la Villette, towns and cities across France and in French overseas territories will become places for celebrating and sharing, open-air playing fields to meet up and take part in activities and events during summer 2024. 

In 2024

Celebrations throughout the summer

The Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games will be four months of celebrations, with a summer that will see communities across France share in the outstanding atmosphere created by the Games. This incredible summer will get started on 8 May, with the Flame’s arrival in Marseille, before continuing for the whole summer through to the Paralympic Games closing ceremony, on 8 September 2024.

Olympic Flame arrives in France, in Marseille.

8 May 2024

Club 2024 opened at the Hôtel de Ville in Paris

14 July 2024

Club 2024 opened at Parc Georges Valbon de la Courneuve to welcome the Flame

25 July 2024

Paris 2024 Olympic Games opening ceremony

To be experienced in the Club 2024 zones throughout France

26 July 2024

Club France opened in La Villette

27 July 2024

Champions Park opened at Trocadéro

29 July 2024

Paris 2024 Paralympic Games opening ceremony

To be experienced in the Club 2024 zones throughout France, and Club France reopened for the Paralympic period.

28 August 2024

In Paris

Enjoying this unique experience together, at the heart of the Games

In one year’s time, the Paris 2024 Olympic Games will open with a groundbreaking celebration around the athletes from the many different countries with a parade along the Seine, sharing this experience with hundreds of thousands of spectators on the river banks. The celebratory atmosphere will continue all summer, along the River Seine and its canals, in each arrondissement throughout Paris, from La Villette to Saint-Denis, and in many other communities across the Paris Region.

Paris 2024’s ambition is to offer Games that are for everyone, and this involves celebration venues, at the heart of Paris, which will become an outstanding Olympic and Paralympic park. Our ambition is also to go further, enabling members of the public to share this experience with their champions through groundbreaking celebration initiatives, such as the Champions Park, Club France or the Park of Nations in La Villette.

Champions Park, for sharing this experience with all the champions

Set up at Trocadéro, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, the Champions Park will be the go-to destination for sports fans from around the world to meet up and celebrate the medal-winning athletes, their achievements and all of the incredible stories that will mark the Games.

For the first time in the history of the Summer Games, all of the medal winners will be invited to meet up and share with thousands of fans, at the heart of the city, at Trocadéro, in a magnificent space, which will be fitted out and freely accessible for everyone.

Every day will be marked by the celebration of the previous day’s medal winners, who will have finished their competitions and will be invited to take part in a parade and meet members of the public, followed by live screenings of the day’s major sporting moments, in what will become an open-air arena.

The programme will also include performances by artists and cultural activities, helping make the Champions Park a complete and universal celebratory experience, in addition to a space for celebrating sport.

Martin Fourcade (FRA), Paris 2024 Athletes’ Commission President:
“The Champions Park is a completely groundbreaking concept for the Summer Olympic Games, designed to deliver unforgettable experiences for the athletes. In an exceptional setting, the concepts of sharing and openness, celebrating the athletes from all nationalities and all the disciplines, have been the key words guiding the Athletes’ Commission, which, from the outset, has been supporting the project.”

Club France, for celebrating French athletes’ achievements

In 2024, the French National Olympic and Sports Committee (CNOSF) and the French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF) wanted to join together to offer a space for celebrating French athletes’ achievements that will be accessible for all French fans: Club France. 

Throughout the Games, in the north-east of Paris, Parc de la Villette and its Grande Halle will be the beating heart of Team France, which will celebrate there alongside its supporters in a great atmosphere. More than 700,000 people are expected to meet up there and enjoy the atmosphere around the French athletes’ achievements, celebrating together and taking part in taster sessions to discover the various sports. 

Club France will be built around three pillars that will guide its programme of activities and events:

  • Incredible atmosphere: Club France will be the dedicated celebration zone for supporters of Team France and its 900 athletes. The thousands of spectators present will follow the French athletes’ achievements accompanied by former Olympic and Paralympic champions.  
  • Celebrations: Club France will exclusively welcome the day’s French medal winners. Every evening, the French athletes will be celebrated with the fans, who will share a unique moment with these exceptional champions before the Grande Halle transforms into a space for partying. 
  • Discovery: Club France will be a place where members of the public will be able to discover new sports, new sensations, new experiences, thanks to the presence of the sports federations and the French sports community. This will also be the event where the entire sporting ecosystem will come together and prepare for the future. 
More information on the Club France website

La Villette: the Park of Nations, showcasing the universality of the Games

An open-air sports facility, Parc de la Villette will naturally be one of the iconic venues for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, with Club France and many French sports federations present in its Grande Halle and garden areas.

Some will be welcomed in pavilions designed and built by students from France’s national architecture schools as part of the Archi-Folies 2024 project, awarded the Cultural Olympiad label. This pioneering initiative to bring sport and architecture together is being supported and funded by the French Ministry of Culture, and is being made possible thanks to the CNOSF, Paris 2024, the national architecture and landscaping schools, the Olympic federations and the many different sponsors. 

Several National Olympic Committees (NOCs) and National Paralympic Committees (NPCs) will also have spaces at various iconic locations around the Park. Like a Park of Nations throughout summer 2024, La Villette will be open to everyone who loves sport and its values, from around the world, and who has an irresistible desire to celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic Games, a truly global event.

Throughout France

Club 2024 zones to unite together around the Games

The celebrations will also be taking place throughout France, with the Club 2024 zones, offering opportunities for everyone to meet up around the Games.

The Club 2024 zones will open their doors to enable as many people as possible to share the experience of the Olympic and Paralympic Games celebrations. Sports and cultural activities, live screenings of competitions on big screens, moments for sharing with athletes… There will be around 200 Club 2024 zones throughout France during the Games and so many different ways to experience this event!

With the ambition to get France celebrating during the Games, Paris 2024, liaising with the host communities and Terre de Jeux 2024 label holders, has put together a programme of celebration venues, with a range of sports, cultural and celebratory activities and events: the Club 2024 zones. 

They will enable as many people as possible to share a unique and complete Olympic and Paralympic experience, guided by France’s specific celebratory spirit. Open to everyone, from sports fans to people who are simply curious and want to find out more, the Club 2024 zones will offer opportunities to: 

  • Experience the key moments from the Games and support Team France, with live screenings of the Olympic and Paralympic events and ceremonies. Paris 2024 will provide municipalities with the TV signal, liaising with the official broadcasters. 
  • Take part in sport with a programme of sports demonstrations and taster sessions, and meet with local athletes: an “Olympic Day” / “Paralympic Day” spirit in line with Paris 2024’s commitments: incorporating more sport into everyday life for people throughout France and building closer connections between athletes and members of the public
  • Have fun and meet up with family or friends in a welcoming space for entertainment, eating and relaxing: a “Music Hall” spirit that will showcase the French art of fine living and local know-how, through a dining selection inspired directly by France’s culture of gastronomy. 
  • Take part in the celebrations around the Games thanks to a programme of cultural activities and events (concerts, shows, meetings with artists, presence of the mascots, innovative and digital activities and events) drawn up liaising with the Cultural Olympiad: a “Festival” spirit, which will make it possible to bring together people from all backgrounds to celebrate around the Paris 2024 Games.

The spirit of the Games will spread throughout the country!

To distribute the spirit of the Games nationwide, Paris 2024 has developed a programme of activities bringing together all the various local stakeholders who will be able to use a “celebrations kit” to bring the Games experience to life in their towns and cities and support the French team. Paris 2024 will offer original and fun ideas for activations for all these stakeholders, who will be able to offer taster sessions to discover sports and Para sports for instance, as well as sports-related conferences, screenings of the Games in restaurants and brasseries, cultural activities and original sports challenges, throughout the country.

Celebrate the Games throughout France, thanks to the Games Map

To ensure that you do not miss out on any of these events offering opportunities for people across France to celebrate around the spirit of the Games, Paris 2024 will launch the Games Map at the end of April 2024. This Map will aim to list all of these events relating to Paris 2024, throughout France. It will be available from the Paris 2024 official site and the app.

In just one click, you will be able to discover all the information about the activities available near you linked to the Games (competition venues, stores, etc.) and the celebration of the Games.