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Champions Park

For virtually the entire Olympic Games period, Paris 2024 invites you to discover the Champions Park, the temple of performance. From 29 July to 10 August, come and celebrate the heroes of the Paris 2024 Games, meeting up and sharing with them and experiencing the key moments from the Paris 2024 Games in an exceptional setting at the heart of Paris. The Champions Park will be accessible for everyone and free. 

The Champions Park will be created in Trocadéro Gardens, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower – a spectacular setting for meeting up with friends or family and congratulating the world’s best athletes who will come along to present their medals after their competitions. 

Practical information

Opening hours

The Champions Park will be open to the public from Monday July 29 to Saturday August 10, but will be closed from Friday August 2 to Sunday August 4 inclusive.

Champions Park open


Celebration of the medal-winning athletes


Live screening of the main finals


Champions Park in figures

Gauge : 13,000 people

Champions Park capacity, with nearly 130,000 fans from around the world to enjoy free access to this magical celebration space during the Olympic Games. 

Over 1,000 medal-winning athletes

More than 1,000 athletes will come and celebrate and share this exceptional experience with their friends, families and fans at the Champions Park following their competitions. 

Programme of sports and cultural activities and events

Every day will be marked by the celebration of the previous day’s medal winners, who will have finished their competitions. They will be invited to take part in a parade and meet members of the public, followed by live screenings of the day’s main finals, in what will become an open-air arena.   

In addition to the presence of the athletes and live screenings of the main finals from the Games, the Champions Park will feature a number of performances by artists and a range of cultural activities. Visitors will be able to enjoy a complete and universal celebratory experience, which will be far more than just a celebration of sport.  

Concept created working with the athletes

They will be at the heart of this event and keen to share these exceptional moments with their fans: so, it was a natural step to put the athletes at the heart of the process to design the Champions Park. For instance, the Paris 2024 Athletes’ Commission was consulted during all of the review stages looking into the Champions Park. 

Martin Fourcade (FRA), Paris 2024 Athletes’ Commission President.
The Champions Park is a completely groundbreaking concept for the Summer Olympic Games, designed to deliver unforgettable experiences for the athletes. In an exceptional setting, the concepts of sharing and openness, celebrating the athletes from all nationalities and all the disciplines, have been the key words guiding the Athletes’ Commission, which, from the outset, has been supporting the project.

Everything has been done to make these moments unforgettable for the athletes and their families and friends, as well as for people visiting the Champions Park. Enabling everyone to enjoy the best possible experience during these moments of celebration through a groundbreaking approach in the history of the Games.