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Compact and accessible Games

With 80% of the competition venues within a 10-km radius around the Olympic and Paralympic Village, the Paris 2024 Games will be compact and accessible. Athletes and staff will find the event more convenient, cost-effective as travel will be limited and livelier as spectators and journalists will have no trouble reaching events. The Paris 2024 concept combines competition and celebration, and brings athletes and fans closer together.

France welcomes more than 80 million visitors a year – and no fewer than 34 million in its capital. Paris 2024 will leverage the strengths that make France the world’s number-one tourist destination to stage an unforgettable Games, designed to show consideration for the athletes and promote sport above all else.

The Olympic and Paralympic Village will be located 7 km north of the centre of Paris and less than 2 km from the Stade de France. As a result, 85% of the athletes will be provided with accommodation less than 30 minutes from their competition venue. The athletes and staff will therefore spend little time travelling and more time recovering, while spectators will be able to reach all venues on foot or using public transport.

Paris 2024 will use 95% existing or temporary venues

The use of existing facilities will minimise Paris 2024’s investment budget and carbon footprint. Solideo, the company formed to deliver the Olympic facilities, will only build three venues: the Aquatics Centre (next to the Stade de France in Saint Denis), the Olympic and Paralympic Village, and the Media Village. All three will be repurposed for public use after the Games. Paris 2024 will also transform the city’s most iconic landmarks into sporting arenas to offer fans an unparalleled experience and provide a outstanding backdrop for sporting prowess.

The two areas hosting sporting events are connected by the Seine river:

  1. Central Paris, where the city’s iconic landmarks (Grand Palais, Esplanade des Invalides, Champ de Mars, etc.) will form an integral part of the Games.
  2. The Paris–Seine-Saint-Denis axis, encompassing the other venues and the athletes’ village. The transformation in this area falls in line with the Grand Paris urban development programme.

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