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Games anchored at the heart of the city, Games reaching across the entire Île-de-France region, Games deployed throughout France, in 2024, the Paris Games will be showcased to support athletic performance and sport, but in a way that brings us together. We are transforming the city’s iconic landmarks into sporting arenas to set the stage for great sporting moments against a backdrop of Paris’ magnificent monuments. We are showcasing existing sports venues, by projecting the Games’ influence on to them. We are supporting the regions by harnessing the power of sport to build a lasting legacy. This unique concept guides our masterplan for the 35 venues that you will be able to discover here.


Because Paris is not like any other city, it deserves every honour. The Games in the capital city promise a complete spectacle, thought out for the athletes, spectators and television audiences. Paris’ iconic landmarks are being transformed into sporting arenas to offer spectators an unparalleled experience and provide an outstanding backdrop for sporting prowess. World-class sports venues will be in the spotlight for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. In total, 15 olympic sites and 11 paralympic sites make up a compact concept, with 21 Olympic sports (out of 32) and 14 Paralympic sports (out of 22) located within 10 km of the Village. 

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The Games will shine out around the capital, from Les Yvelines to Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-et-Marne and Seine-Saint-Denis. At the heart of the project, from the bid phase, Seine-Saint-Denis will be home to the Olympic and Paralympic Village, the Media Village and six sports. In addition, two Paralympic events will provide a unique opportunity to showcase the Seine-Saint-Denis department with spectators and television viewers from around the world: the Paralympic marathon and Paralympic road cycling. These two events will take in various locations across the department. 

Olympics venues Paralympics venues


The Paris 2024 Games are for the whole of France, promoting the country’s rich and diverse heritage. The football tournament will be played at six stadiums in other regions across France: Bordeaux, Nantes, Lyon, Saint-Etienne, Nice and Marseille. The handball’s final phases’ games will be played in Lille, just like the basketball’s qualifications’ games, while sailing will head to the Mediterranean, in Marseille. For the first time in history, the Games will even benefit overseas territories and their communities, with the Teahupo’o site in Tahiti to stagthe Olympic surfing competition on one of the most beautiful waves in the world. 

Olympics venues Paralympics venues

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