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Continuing the lineage of the 1924 Games, framed by its past yet forward facing and innovative, Paris 2024 has built a brand that is as generous as it is daring, worthy of the greatest sporting event on the planet. The Paris Olympic and Paralympic Games both share the same emblem, reflecting our ambition to revolutionise the Games.

The Paris 2024 brand

There are many ways to describe Paris 2024 – people-focused, disruptive, elegant, enthusiastic, impassioned, idealistic, audacious, rational – but really, the brand is just quintessentially French. It combines images with playful audacity. It juxtaposes modernity with timeless heritage. It draws on a whole spectrum of inspiration and operates where boldness meets originality. It promotes a positive, fraternal image of sport that is deeply in touch with reality.


The Paris 2024 brand is composed of five indivisible elements that guide our actions and reflect who we are.

A single emblem

Paris 2024

By associating three iconic symbols – Marianne, the Olympic flame and a gold medal – the Paris 2024 emblem elegantly reflects the people-focused, fraternal Games France intends to host. And because the Olympic and Paralympic Games form two sides of the same coin, in 2024 they will share the same emblem for the first time ever, symbolising the pursuit of the same vision and the same ambition for both events.

Gold medal Olympic flame Marianne

A colour scheme packed with character

A typeface synonymous with French elegance

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It is reflected in a choice of attractive colours and a stylish design ↙ ← ↖ ↑ ↗ → ↘ ¢ ŵ ẅ (^_-) ẁ ý ÿ ŷ ] [ (^–^), : ; ? ! ¿ ¡ ( ) { } [ ] / - | « ‹ › • & ¶ † ‡ § * ™ ® © @ # № € $ ¥ £ ₹ ¢ :-)
The Paris2024 font
is variable.
From hairline thickness
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the font was
specially designed
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to all digital text.

Iconography in motion

Whether it’s focusing on a particular motion or a powerful attitude, momentum that can be felt or grace that can be seen, Paris 2024 offers a creative and curious take on these everyday movements that inject energy into both sport and life itself. By combining them with unexpected elements from architecture and the environment, they take on a strength or convey a different kind of poetry, which gives our images a unique angle.

An arch open to all possibilities

Reflecting architectural prowess, an invitation to the world, a nod to Art Deco and a triumphant symbol of victory, the arch combines a multitude of influences and cultural references.
The drawing of the arch, a core element of the Paris 2024 brand identity, reflects a geometric and minimalist version of the Arc de Triomphe using just basic lines. Flexible and coherent, it opens a number of different visual registers – epic, joyful, dynamic, disruptive and often poetic.

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Other brands

Paris 2024 also includes a number of institutional brands that extend the reach of the Games well beyond the sporting world into schools, local authorities, non-profit organisations and institutions so the positive impact of the Games is felt far and wide. There are currently three other brands, with others set to follow over the coming months. Their graphic identities focus on 2024 to underscore the initiatives rolled out each year until the Games.

An invitation to all young people in France

Generation 2024 is the educational programme of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games to increase the amount of physical activity young people have in their daily lives by getting them involved in sport as well as introducing them to the culture of sport and its values. The visual identity draws on the symbol of an amphitheatre and ripples spreading out to communicate the joy of learning through sport.

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Spreading the spirit all throughout France

Towns, cities, regions, departments, clubs and federations around the country are bringing the Games to life through the Terre de Jeux label. Everyone on the ground is coming together, driven by the same desire to promote sport. The visual identity harnesses the symbol of an arch rippling out in waves to reflect the enthusiasm for sport that is spreading through France.

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Changing the rules of the game

For all athletes, institutions, local authorities, politicians, clubs, federations and local media outlets that leverage sport for its social impact in improving health, education and civic engagement. The visual identity uses stickers to celebrate our commitment and initiatives in action.

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Follow in the footsteps of the world’s greatest athletes

The Paris 2024 Mass Participation Marathon is an experience like no other in the history of the Games. It is a race for the general public based on the Olympic marathon route that is open to all in two formats: a 10 km and a 42 km race. The visual identity of the Mass Participation Marathon incorporates the Paris 2024 logo, with the flame and Marianne, plus a ribbon. The combination evokes the ultimate accolade for any athlete, a medal, celebrating everyone’s performances and participation.

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Get moving with the mascots

The Phryges are the official Paris 2024 mascots. These fun red characters are based on the notorious French Phrygian cap, symbolising freedom and revolution, and will cheer on the people of France through to the Paris 2024 Games. The Phryges’ visual identity is dynamic and engaging, just like their personalities, illustrating their aim to get French people moving every day until the Games.

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Enjoy unforgettable experiences for all

Le Club Paris 2024 is the best way of enjoying extraordinary experiences in the run-up to the Paris 2024 Games. Members of the club can access opportunities to meet athletes and visit competition venues. The visual identity of Le Club Paris 2024 takes the shape of a coat of arms, reinforcing the tight-knit community to which its members belong.

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Become the face of the Games

Paris 2024 volunteers will be the face of the Games, enabling Olympic and Paralympic events to take place in the best possible conditions. At Paris 2024, 45,000 people will welcome, direct and guide spectators, and even help athletes do their best. The visual identity of the volunteer programme emulates the energy and diversity of the people who will contribute to the success of the Paris 2024 Games, as well as the various faces that will represent it every day throughout.

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Eyes on the Forerunners Relays, leading the way in 2024

The Paris 2024 Olympic Torch Relay and Paralympic Torch Relay will take place in the form of the “Forerunners Relays” before the Games in 2024. These events will lead the way to the celebration of the Games and showcase the natural and cultural heritage of France.
The visual identity of the Forerunners Relays is based on the Paris 2024 logo, with a shape that evokes resonance – mirroring the energy emanating from the Games and its values, as a flame spreads its light.

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Unite sport and culture

The Cultural Olympiad is a founding principle of Olympism. It combines sport and culture, which will come together through various events until well into 2024; festivals, concerts and exhibitions will take place both before the Paris 2024 Games and through until they end in September. The visual identity of the Cultural Olympiad is based on the Paris 2024 logo, with an artistic shape that evokes artists’ movements and their work. It symbolises the combination of sport and culture that forms the basis of the Cultural Olympiad.

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Share Olympic and Paralympic values

The Olympic and Paralympic Week is an annual programme that enables thousands of young people at primary, middle and high schools as well as universities and higher education institutions all over France to celebrate Olympic and Paralympic values.

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