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Paris2024 is being created with everyone

Unite around the project and mobilise to support the bid !


The Paris 2024 community grows larger every day on FacebookTwitter and Instagram as well as all over France.

A real engagement program has been put together to engage all the French population but also all people that wants Paris to host the Games in 2024.


77% of French people already support the project (TNS Sofres, September 2016).


Join the movement and follow these steps to win!

  • Take a selfie of yourself making the Paris 2024 sign and post your picture on social media (add #Paris2024 and #WinTogether) and send it to us (to
  • Join our Ambassadors programme: form further down the page
  • Organise or cover events promoting Paris 2024 and submit your photos
  • Present the project every time you have the floor thanks to the content on our website and our videos on YouTube and Dailymotion
  • Show your support by wearing and giving out merchandise (
  • Mobilise your community/entourage, recruit new active members and engage them following these key actions