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Paris 2024

The label is awarded in line with the projects put forward by schools or institutions. These projects must promote the values of civic engagement and sport, as well as the inclusion of people with disabilities, and must reject all forms of discrimination.

To benefit from this label, schools and institutions must follow the time allocated for physical education classes as part of the programmes and must have a sports association that belongs to one of the school sports federations (USEP, UNSS, UGSEL).

Schools and institutions apply to their local education authority based on a national set of specifications. The application pack is available on each education authority’s website.

Projects are selected by the academic steering committee, overseen by the chief education officer and the academic director for youth, engagement and sport, based on the relevance of the educational project and its compliance with the specifications. A national steering committee has been set up to award this label to higher education institutions. The Generation 2024 label is awarded for three years.

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