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Paris 2024

The Paris 2024 endowment fund launches three calls for proposals every year, aimed at three different stakeholder categories.

  • The AXE 1 call for proposals is aimed at the French National Olympic and Sports Committee, the French Paralympic and Sports Committee, and Olympic and Paralympic federations on the programme at the Paris 2024 Games.  See the list of eligibility criteria for AXE 1.
  • The AXE 2 call for proposals is aimed at eligible public stakeholders: Paris City Council, the French State, the Seine Saint Denis departmental council, the Plaine Commune, Paris Terres d’Envol and Grand Paris Grand Est combined authorities, the Greater Paris Regional Council, the Greater Paris Metropolitan Area, Marseille city council and host cities in Seine Saint Denis. See the list of eligible public stakeholders.
  • The AXE 3 call for proposals is aimed at general interest stakeholders in civil society, i.e. associations, sport clubs and local authorities. See the list of eligible participants for AXE 3.

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