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Paris 2024

The Cultural Olympiad is an IOC programme that provides opportunities for the host country to start new conversations between sporting and cultural circles during the four years building up to the Games then until the closing ceremony. We have bold plans for the Cultural Olympiad to mirror the Paris 2024 Games, i.e. is open and accessible to all and puts athletes, artists and new audiences in touch with each other. This is why the calls for projects and calls for participation are open to all artistic and cultural disciplines, and to everyone involved in the cultural sphere (artists, cultural institutions, non-profits, etc.). The projects that meet the related criteria will be awarded the Paris 2024 Cultural Olympiad label and be included in the programme. Call for participation awardees will not be entitled to subsidies from Paris 2024, whereas call for project awardees will receive financial support to produce their event. Earning the label through a call for participation does not preclude the organisation from submitting the same project or another project through the call for projects channel.

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