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The Committee for the Games Ecological Transformation

The Committee for the Games Ecological Transformation supports Paris 2024 with its climate and environmental strategy across the project’s entire scope (carbon impact, biodiversity, circular economy, energy, catering, digital technology, temporary construction, innovation and change management), with an advisory and monitoring role in the delivery of Paris 2024 commitments.  

Chaired by Gilles Boeuf, it is made up of nine experts, joined by representatives from Paris City Council, the Ministry of Sport, the Ministerial Delegation for the Olympic and Paralympic Games (DIJOP), the Ile-de-France Region, the Seine-Saint-Denis Department, Métropole du Grand Paris, the National Olympic and Paralympic Committees, and the French Agency for Ecological Transition (ADEME), as well as a representative from the Paris 2024 Athletes’ Commission.   

The Committee meets three times a year to share its views, recommendations and progress, prior to the regular meeting of the Paris 2024 Board of Directors. Gilles Boeuf as both Chairman of the Games Environmental Transformation Committee and Independent Board Member reports to the Board on the work accomplished by the committee. 

Composition of the Paris 2024 Games Ecological Transformation Committee 

The nine experts specialised in biodiversity, climate, energy, catering, circular economy, digital technology, resilience, construction and responsible innovation provide their expertise and advice with a view to driving progress on all aspects of the world’s biggest sporting event. Their diverse profiles reflect Paris 2024’s commitment to transversal ecological actions spanning all of these aspects of the project. 

The experts

Gilles Boeuf – Professor, Sorbonne University, AgroParisTech– (biodiversity expert) – President 

Benoit Leguet – Managing Director, I4CE (Institute for Climate Economics) – (climate expert) 

Lola Vallejo - Climate Programme Director, IDDRI – (climate expert) 

Nathalie Boyer – CEO, OREE – (circular economy expert) 

Pascale Dalix – Managing Partner, Chartier Dalix – (sustainable construction expert) 

Thierry Marx – Chef – (sustainable catering expert) 

Vincent Courboulay – Scientific Director, Institut Numérique Responsable – (responsible digital technology expert) 

Arnaud Leroy – CEO, ADEME – (sustainable innovation expert) 

Paolo Frankl – Head of the Renewable Energy Division, International Energy Agency – (energy expert) 

Michèle Pappalardo – President of the Committee of the “Socially Responsible Investment label” (resilience expert) 

representatives from Paris 2024’s ecosystem

Marie Dorin – Representative from the Athletes’ Commission 

Nadia Boeglin – Représentative from the ADEME 

François Croquette – Representative from the City of Paris 

Hugues Ravenel – Representative from the DIJOP 

Ari Brodach – Representative from the departmental Council of Seine-Saint-Denis 

Jean Zoungrana – Representative from the French National and Olympic Sports Committee (CNOSF) 

Audrey Wittersheim – Representative from the French National and Olympic Sports Committee (CNOSF)  

Nicolas Rolland – Representative from the Greater Paris Metropolis (MGP) 

Cyril More – Representative frome the French National and Paralympic Comittee (CPSF) 

Fantine Lefevre – Representative frome the Île-de-France region 

Laure Battala – Representative from the Ministry for Sports and Olympic and Paralympic Games