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Games Preparation Centres: hosting tomorrow’s champions

Hosting delegations from around the world for their preparations or as a base camp during the Games means offering them optimum conditions to train, adjust to any time zone differences, acclimatise and effectively prepare for the best possible performance at the Games. This unique opportunity to be part of the future success of tomorrow’s champions is being offered to more than 500 cities and sport venues, that have been awarded the Terre de Jeux 2024 label and have applied to be approved as Games Preparation Centres. The more than 1 000 Centres are spread among 98 of 101 french counties, making Paris 2024 the Games of all the french territory.

French sports venues applied to be recognised as Games Preparation Centres until the deadline on 30 November 2019. More than 600 centres put themselves forward as candidates, offering an even presence throughout the country and covering all the disciplines for the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Following the three review phases, the 1029 centres selected are listed in a catalogue submitted during the Tokyo Games to the 206 National Olympic Committees and 182 National Paralympic Committees that will want to base part of their preparations for the Games in France.

This catalogue will present the Games Preparation Centres where the international Olympic and Paralympic teams will be able to train in France during the 2020-2024 Olympiad. The National Olympic and Paralympic Committees are free to choose when and where they would like to send their athletes and how long they will stay for.

Games Preparation Centres : the final hurdle to success

The Games Preparation Centres provide specific technical features in terms of their sports facilities and host services (accommodation, catering, transport, security, etc.). According to the infrastructure and services available, the Committees will choose from the catalogue and send their teams to the centres that best meet the needs of their sports.

From 2020 up until Paris 2024, France and its Games Preparation Centres will be celebrating the Games and hosting elite athletes from around the world to prepare for some amazing Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The full list of Games Preparation Centres

Here is the final list of the 1029 cities and venues selected to become Games Preparation Centres :

Games Preparation Centres