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Generation 2024

The Paris 2024 Games are for every generation. But the people in one generation will enjoy them to the full, at the peak of their youth and height of their enthusiasm. And Paris 2024 is reaching out to them specifically, through Generation 2024, its education programme. Starting now, our programme is rallying the education community and students around the momentum that the Games are building, to encourage young people to do more sports day after day. But there’s more to it than practicing sports: the program also covers sport and culture, to explore sport’s rich and universal history, and the values that sport conveys, such as respect and inclusion. Generation 2024 also has its own label to promote this pledge.

The Generation 2024 programme is the result of a joint endeavour with the French Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sport, the sports movement, the school and university sport federations, and the education community.

A programme to help sports spread in Generation 2024 people’s lives

Taking part in Generation 2024 equates to:

  • Promoting sports and other physical activities, and physical education, from preschool to university, with a special focus on the youngest learners;
  • Using sports for educational purposes, in a variety of disciplines, to make learning more enjoyable;
  • Presenting Olympic and Paralympic sports, and promoting the values that sport and the Olympic and Paralympic movements stand for;

Leveraging sport to foster civic engagement.

The Generation 2024 programme

A platform for the education community

The Generation 2024 website provides a choice of educational resources revolving around the Games, insights about education through sport, tools to encourage daily physical activity, and a forum to connect the education community and share information with it.

On that website, teachers, instructors, pupils and students will find tools to explore sports beyond the practical side, and news about Olympic and Paralympic Week, which takes place every year in all education establishments from preschool to university.

The Generation 2024 platform is evolving non-stop, and shares and showcases the most meaningful initiatives, to encourage a generation to get more involved in sports as the Paris 2024 Games draw nearer. 

The Generation 2024 label

This label, which is awarded by the French Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sport and the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation, is designed to build bridges between the academic world and the sports movement, to encourage young people to step up their physical activity and open the door so everyone can start enjoying the Olympic and Paralympic adventure today. All primary and secondary schools, and universities, can apply for the Generation 2024 label. So can organisations in the AEFE (Agency for French Education Abroad) network, in the French Ministry of Agriculture and Food, and some nursing homes overseen by the Ministry for Solidarity and Health.

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To be awarded the label, schools and universities need to:

  • Build formative projects with sports club in their area;
  • Take part in Olympic and Paralympic events;
  • Work with or take in high-level athletes;
  • Open their sports facilities to local sports organisations to provide more opportunities to practise sports.

The first organisation was certified in 2018, and over 6,000 have earned the label in 2023.