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Golfeuse italienne sortant sa balle d'un bunker.

Golf was one of the first modern sports to codify its rules in 1754, in the town of St Andrews in Scotland. However, the origins of this sport date back even further, as there are traces of a similar sport played in the Netherlands that arrived in the British Isles in the 15th century. At the end of the 19th century, the first women’s tournaments were established. Today, there are more than 60 million golfers and over 30,000 golf courses worldwide.

Brief overview of the rules

Golf is a straightforward game in principle and is quite effectively set out in its first rule: “the Game of Golf consists of playing a ball with a club from the teeing ground into the hole by a stroke or successive strokes in accordance with the Rules.” Players use different clubs depending on the type of ground they are hitting the ball from.

The format of golf at the Olympic Games is stroke play, which consists of counting the number of strokes a golfer takes to complete an 18-hole course – played four times over four days. The player with the lowest number of strokes at the end of the game wins the tournament.

Olympic history

Golf featured on the programme for the Games of the II and III Olympiads in 1900 and 1904, respectively, returning over 100 years later – first at the Rio 2016 Games and again at the Tokyo 2020 Games.

International federation : International Golf Federation

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