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Government oversight: Paris 2024’s particular framework

Paris 2024 is a company in a category of its own: it has one foot in the private sector and is at the same time answerable to several public-sector organisations. Ethics is at the core of its procedures – ranging from procurement to human resources and beyond – and central to the spirit of the exemplary games that Paris 2024 wants to organise. Practically all the funding for Paris 2024 comes from private sources, but its operations are scrutinised by a significant number of public bodies.

The public-sector representatives on Paris 2024’s Board of Directors

Central government and local authorities in the areas hosting the Games have representatives on Paris 2024’s Board of Directors, so that they have a say in decisions regarding the Games. The Ile-de-France (Greater Paris) regional council, Seine-Saint-Denis departmental council, Paris City council and the Métropole du Grand Paris authorities are on the Board. Central government is also represented, by the Minister for Sports, the Secretary of State for People with Disabilities and the Minister of Public Accounts.

A dedicated department

To reach the exemplary standards it is aiming for, Paris 2024 has set up a department tasked with ensuring everything it does complies with the rules. This department also coordinates Paris 2024 oversight by the various controlling bodies, namely general economic and financial supervisory agencies, and the Audit Committee, Ethics Committee, Remuneration Committee and French High Authority for Transparency in Public Life.

In exchange for government underwriting its budget, Paris 2024 regularly updates authorities on progress in the project and its costs. The Audits, Internal Control and Compliance department is tasked with ensuring this information is transparent and truthful.

Blandine Sorbe, Director
This department’s role is to ascertain compliance with standards and values. We play an essential role in-house with training, advice and a whistleblowing system for our employees, and circulate the information that outside bodies require from us.

This department regularly supplies information and documents to several public-sector organisations, including the Délégation Interministérielle. aux Jeux Olympiques et Paralympiques (Dijop). The Dijop reports to the Prime Minister, and its mandate is to support the preparation of the Games and ensure they are consistent with the government’s action in this area. The Dijop also oversees Paris 2024’s activity on government’s behalf, and has a seat on Paris 2024’s Board of Directors.