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Integrating micro businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises

Paris 2024 will be a large-scale event, but not one that is only reserved for large companies. We are looking to draw on the wealth and diversity of talent available in small and medium-sized organisations to enrich our project. Paris 2024 (the Organising Committee), SOLIDEO (the company tasked with delivering the Olympic facilities) and other contracting parties (charged with building, developing and delivering other development projects for the Games) will be organising thousands of public tenders over the next five years. We’re are developing bespoke tools to ensure every company is in a position to tap into these opportunities.

Only 28% of micro businesses and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are ever awarded these contracts. There are a number of reasons for this imbalance, for example they lack time to actively monitor contract opportunities as they arise, they lack the personnel to tender for such contracts, they lack visibility and information about opportunities available or they lack the network required to pool resources in order to respond to major contracts.

At Paris 2024, we believe there’s a different – and better – way to go about things. We’ve prepared a bespoke tool that levels the playing field so that micro businesses and SMEs can work side by side with us through to 2024.

A coach for companies

Paris 2024 and SOLIDEO have teamed up with MEDEF (the largest employer federation in France) and its partners (CPME, U2P, CCI Business Grand Paris, Maximilien and Les Canaux) to launch the platform, where companies can find out all about the business opportunities arising from the Games.

The emerging micro business and SME community

The website and dedicated networks are opening doors into the organisation of major international sporting events for micro businesses and SMEs. The businesses that sign up receive instant notifications every time a new Games-related public tender becomes available, as well as advice as to how to best shape their bid. Although this platform was developed as part of the build-up to the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the aim is for it to continue to be used to organise every other major international sporting event in France beyond 2024.

Reaching out to micro businesses and SMEs

Paris 2024 is reaching out to companies to tell them about the range of support it provides, the tools available, and how small and large businesses can work together. We’re also using to circulate information about any relevant activities or support programmes organised by local and regional authorities, central government and local businesses.

A procurement plan to allow companies to get organised

By the end of 2019, Paris 2024 will publish a procurement plan providing an overview of the kind of public tenders it will be running between then and 2024. This will give the smallest businesses an opportunity to prepare their solutions, possibly look for partners or even simply have enough time to put together a proposal. The nature of the future tenders will be clarified at a later stage.

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