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Integrating the Social and Solidarity Economy

We committed to organising an event that is socially responsible and economically sound right from the bidding phase. Our goal is simple. We aim to develop a new model for the Games, which is open to all businesses, even the most innovative, out of the ordinary and small in size. This is because we strongly believe that these companies have a lot to offer, that we can learn from each other to ensure social and environmental impact is placed firmly at the heart of the Paris 2024 project.

By definition, companies from the Social and Solidarity Economy (SSE) – which strive to reconcile economic prosperity with social justice – are no strangers to innovation. To uphold our commitments and integrate new approaches, it seemed obvious that the SSE should be closely involved with the Paris 2024 project.

By our side

Paris 2024, SOLIDEO and the Paris City Council have joined forces with the Yunus Centre, the resource centre for social business in France, and the not-for-profit organisation Les Canaux, which supports innovative, socially oriented companies, not-for-profits, organisations, foundations and individuals.

Professor Muhammad Yunus, 2006 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate and founder of the Yunus Centre said: “The world is looking for a new kind of governance to emerge. Paris and the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games can act as the voice for optimism and change. The event will be very exciting. We have a great responsibility. Paris has set out its stall and the eyes of the whole world will be on us in 2024. The Games will go down in history as inclusive and sustainable.”

Tony Estanguet, Muhammad Yunus, Etablissement, Anne Hidalgo
Photo by Philippe Millereau / KMSP / Paris 2024

Together with other organisations, we are working to ensure :

– Young people living in the Ile-de-France are able to take full advantage of the jobs created by Paris 2024 ;

– People struggling to find work are given an opportunity to get involved ;

– Entrepreneurs develop their corporate social responsibility strategy to take into account the principles of social entrepreneurship.

Opening tenders to all

Hundreds of public tenders will be organised over the next five years. We are determined to ensure that companies from the Social and Solidarity Economy, which account for 10% of employment opportunities in France, are able to submit their proposals.

In order to identify the companies able to provide the most innovative solutions that best suit our needs, Paris 2024 sources companies from the SSE. Through its solidarity platform,*, Paris 2024, alongside Solideo, the Yunus Centre and Les Canaux, bridges the gap between the regions of France, the Paris 2024 project and the booming world of social entrepreneurship and the circular economy. The platform has been designed as a system for monitoring and coaching, a source of information and a forum for networking. It is intended to continue operating well beyond 2024.

Impact reports to spread the word

Impact reports identify the solutions and innovations put forward by organisations from the SSE in areas of the economy that affect the Games, such as temporary use in urban development, waste management on construction sites, employment and occupational integration, green mobility, local agriculture and socially responsible catering.

The Impact reports are designed to encourage future Olympic and Paralympic contracting parties and authorities to integrate service providers from the SSE.

* was officially awarded the “Territoire French Impact” Label, which recognises both regions and initiatives that have a positive impact on society, the environment or the economy. It means the platform will receive support over a three-year period to reach out to the entire country.