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Involving the entire country

Involving the entire country
le 16 October 2019

It seems absurd, but some people think the Games last just two weeks and affect only one city. Paris 2024 will demonstrate how the Games is actually a project that stretches well beyond the competition, injecting momentum into all areas of France. Whether towns and regions around the country are chosen to host sporting events, listed as Games Preparation Centres or awarded the “Terre de Jeux 2024” label, they will all reap the benefits and channel the energy of the Paris 2024 Games.

The newest, most cosmopolitan department in France

The Paris 2024 concept will bring into play the whole of the Ile-de-France, in particular the Seine-Saint-Denis department to the north. Here, we will build an Aquatics centre and 5,000 housing units, which will be used throughout the Games as the Olympic and Media Village. The new constructions will go part way to addressing the need for 70,000 additional homes in Ile-de-France.

We believe it is possible to call on local companies to deliver an international event. That is why Paris 2024 works wherever possible with local suppliers and service providers in a variety of industries, including construction, catering, logistics and tourism. The Games will inject a burst of energy into the economy that will trigger widespread momentum throughout the Seine-Saint-Denis department, safeguarding and accelerating certain major infrastructure projects in the area, boosting business and stimulating employment opportunities.

Spreading the Games throughout the country

Paris 2024 will stretch far beyond the city itself. In addition to the events taking place in the Ile-de-France, eight different cities will host football matches, Marseille will organise the sailing and another city, the name of which will be announced mid-2020, will put on the surfing competition.

Marseille will organize the sailing

The one and only Terre de Jeux

The “Terre de Jeux 2024” label is awarded to local authorities, local government associations, departments and regions in mainland France and French overseas territories. It recognises efforts of these bodies to increase the amount of sport people play and get involved in the Olympic and Paralympic journey, whatever their size and budget.

When awarded with the Terre de Jeux label, authorities will have access to an exclusive visual identity, communication tools to spread news about Paris 2024 and make preparations for key moments as well as an active community with which they can share their experiences.

Hosting elite athletes

Local authorities awarded the Terre de Jeux 2024 label can also ask to join the official list of Games Preparation Centres (CPJs) to walk side by side with athletes along the road to victory. The selected CPJs will be communicated to the 206 National Olympic Committees and the 184 National Paralympic Committees, which will be able to train in these centres over the course of the 2020-2024 Olympiad. Being listed as a CPJ means having the possibility of welcoming elite teams from around the world to help them prepare for 2024.