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Leaving a legacy

Leaving a legacy

When Paris 2024 set off on the journey to bid for the Games, no-one ever thought the brief would simply involve delivery the event and nothing more. Our ambitions have always stretched much further. The Olympic and Paralympic Games are a major event that steps up the pace of development in every area for the host country. The Games will shake things up, in an overwhelmingly positive way. The event is the point of impact, the Big Bang. We will have succeeded if the Games Paris 2024 are still being talked about in one or two generations’ time as a significant event in the history of both France and the olympic and paralympic movement.

Experiencing the Games goes far beyond merely taking part. We started out on this journey in the firm belief that we could organise the most spectacular Games in history by making sure everyone was involved in the party. Paris 2024 will be progressive and provide each athlete, each spectator and each TV viewer a source of joy and inspiration for many years to come.

Public consultation

Right from the bid stage, we decided to open our thinking to as many people as possible by actively involving various cross-sections of society in our advisory committees and working groups, such as representatives from civil society, experts, young people, not-for-profits, heads of companies, union representatives, elected officials, academics and artists.

From now on, everything will be different

Hosting the biggest event in the world is going to change our country. It’s inevitable.

We want sport and the values it channels to explode in popularity and become a key part of people’s lives.

We want all companies to get involved and develop new ways of living and working together.

We want innovative solutions to be identified and implemented.

We want ground-breaking collaborations to form.

We want society to better understand the importance of the environmental challenge we face.

We want to prove we can achieve excellence while also championing sustainability.

We want to build for cities and the people who live there.

We want to astonish by leaving a legacy that puts the younger generations first.

To design these Olympic and Paralympic Games, we will experiment with new ways of working. If these innovations prove successful, they will continue to be used even after the Games have moved on. Paris 2024 can act as a lab to invent the city of tomorrow, a city designed for the people who live there.

Mobilisation, forming the first step of any legacy

The scientific community, civil society and public authorities are united in their opinion that encouraging greater involvement in sport is key for our society. Sport has the power to improve health and well-being, educate and pass on knowledge, change opinions, form communities and progress gender equality. We have an opportunity to make progress in all the areas France holds dear by increasing the reach of sport in the country.

“I feel less out of breath”, “I’m less dependent”, “I feel stronger”, “before, I would have just given up, now it’s out of the question”… Just imagine if these quotes from individuals could be applied to society as a whole. Let’s harness the true power of sport.

Education – a match worth playing

Our initiatives span a variety of formats, including Olympic Run Day (23 June), the Olympic and Paralympic Week (each year in January/February), educational programmes, calls for proposals and local initiatives. In the five years running up to 2024, we will be looking to implement a wide range of innovative programmes to promote sport and its values among the entire population and children in particular.

We are ambitious

Paris 2024 works in collaboration with the sporting movement, public authorities at national, regional and local level, civil society and all other relevant parties to achieve a twofold ambition of social and environmental progress.

This ambition applies to the country as a whole, which is whywe have joined together with all those involved in sport on a day-to-day basis, such as federations, clubs, sportspeople, leagues, districts, teachers, social partners, public authorities and civil society. This unprecedented collaboration represents an opportunity to strengthen the ties between France’s Ministry of National Education and Youth, the Ministry of Sport, the French National Olympic and Sports Committee and the French Paralympic and Sports Committee.

IOC Legacy Strategic Approach (December 2017).
Olympic legacy is the result of a joint vision made up of two separate visions – that of the Olympic Movement, which seeks to build a better world through sport, and that of a city (or a territory), which focuses on what a better world through sport looks like in a specific place and time.

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