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Les Mascottes Paris 2024

Les Mascottes Paris 2024

Welcome to the Phryges

Discover the presentation of the mascots

First ambassadors
for the games

Paris 2024 presents the Phryges! These little Phrygian caps are the mascots for Paris 2024. Discover the history of this tribe of colourful red characters based on the famous Phrygian cap, a symbol of freedom. The Phrygians have stood shoulder to shoulder with the French people in all the key moments of History; they have been part of this and, today, they are convinced that sport can change everything! With the Phryges, let’s drive a revolution through Sport! 

through sport

Our mascots want to play a role in the lives of French people and help bring more sport into our everyday life. And what could be better than little Phrygian caps to lead this revolution through Sport with Paris 2024?  

Who are the Phryges?

The phrygian cap

The Phryges are based on an item of clothing that is a symbol of freedom, has been part of our History for centuries, and dates back to ancient times. After featuring on certain flags in Latin America before becoming widely popularised by French revolutionaries, the Phrygian cap has now become a familiar symbol in France. A symbol of revolutions, the French Republic and freedom, the Phrygian cap can be seen on the French national icon Marianne, depicted in busts at town halls across the country as well as on stamps, and is also covered in the national curriculum in schools.  

The phryge tribe

The Phryges follow a long lineage: the Phrygian cap was part of all the major events in French history. The French National Archives show records of Phrygian caps worn during the construction of Paris’ Notre-Dame cathedral in 1163, during the revolution of 1789, during work to build the Eiffel Tower, and during the Games in 1924. 

Our 2 heroes

The Phryge tribe's
golden duo

The Olympic

Always thoughtful and an astute strategist, she embarks on adventures only after carefully weighing up all of the pros and cons. Just like the Olympic athletes, she knows the importance of measuring all the various parameters to achieve her goals. With her sharp mind, she is modest and prefers to hide her emotions. The Olympic Phryge will lead the movement of all those who take part in sport, and believe us, she will give her all to get France moving! 

The paralympic

Did you recognise her with her running prosthetic? With this, she can run lightning speed. Her thing is to blaze a trail, some might say she is fearless, which might be true, but one thing is certain, she hates to be bored and loves trying out new things. No matter which sport, as a team or on her own, she is always game. With her, you will get moving, playing, dancing, sweating! With her mindset as the perfect supporter, she loves promoting the values of sport, celebrating athletes in all arenas and all of the Games venues, and partying to celebrate victories or get over defeats.  

Their mission

Inspiring France to get moving

With millennia of experience, the Phryges know that any revolution needs preparation. Our two heroines now have two years to get France and its people active! The Games in your country is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, so there is no question of missing out on the celebrations!

Heading up this movement, the Olympic Phryge and Paralympic Phryge have one conviction: sport can change everything! Our lives, our health, our relationships with others, how we relate to nature… It is time to welcome more sport into our lives! 

To each his own Phryge

The Phryges are black belts in pancake flipping

And what else?

The Phryges make their voices heard

And what else?

The Phryges have a sense of fashion

And what else?

The Phryges look forward to welcoming the world!

And what else?

The Phryges put in the hard work

And what else?

The Phryges know how to create a great atmosphere

And what else?

The Phryges cannot wait to get started with Paris 2024!

And what else?