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The Media Village

The Media Village will welcome and host over 1,300 journalists and media technicians during the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Located in Dugny in Seine‑Saint‑Denis, it will be an authentic urban neighbourhood in the form of a modern garden city, providing a direct connection to the third largest park in the Greater Paris region, Parc Georges Valbon. After the Games, the Media Village will be left to local residents as part of the Paris 2024 legacy.

During the Games: a home at the heart of the action for media from all over the world

The Media Village will be located just a cable’s length away from the International Broadcast Centre (IBC), accessible on foot or by shuttle bus. The site will also be near the Paris-Le Bourget exhibition centre.

This exhibition centre, with 80,000 m2 of indoor space and 25 hectares outdoors, will be carefully developed so that the 15,000 people (from OBS and official broadcasters, including journalists and technical teams) expected at the IBC can work in optimal conditions.

People staying at the Media Village will be ideally positioned to meet the athletes and see them perform, as its location in Dugny is near a number of Games venues – such as the Athletes’ Village, the Stade de France, the Aquatics Centre, the North Paris Arena, the Le Bourget sport climbing venue and all Paris‑based sites, as the capital is just minutes away from Dugny by public transport.

A number of services will be easily accessible either in the Media Village itself or near the IBC, including catering, dry cleaning, laundrettes, small supermarkets and a gym. What’s more, each apartment will offer a desk space and high-speed internet.

A 21st century garden city, our legacy in Dugny

After the Games, Dugny will take possession of a thoroughly green urban area linking the town to the nearby parks of Georges Valbon and L’aire des Vents. Once fully developed, this “garden city” will offer 1,300 homes, meeting high demand for housing in the Seine-Saint-Denis department, in a town with considerable potential for expansion. A total of 700 housing units will be delivered in 2024, with more to be developed as part of the legacy phase after the Games. A number of public facilities will also be built to improve quality of life for residents, who will have access to all the amenities they need – including a school group with 16 classes and a sports hall – within one kilometre of the neighbourhood. What’s more, 1,000 m2 of business space with shops, restaurants and medical facilities will also be available to local residents. The neighbourhood has been designed to satisfy Dugny’s pressing need for housing, as well as the regeneration of natural areas.

key infos

  • 1,300 journalists and technicians welcomed during the Games.
  • 8 km from the Athletes’ Village.
  • 7 km from Stade de France and the Aquatics Centre.
  • 1,300 housing units (900 in march 2024).
  • 1 pre-school and 1 primary school in Dugny with 16 classes.
  • 1 sports hall.
  • 1,000 m2 of retail and business spaces.
  • New and redesigned green spaces.

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