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It happened
this summer


1x European champion
4x NBA champion

  • Club members took on Tony Parker and his 3x3 basketball team

    On 26 July 2020, in a playground in Paris!
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Clive Rose/Getty Images


1x Olympic champion
4x World champion (long-course)

  • Club members raced Florent Manaudou in a 4x50 freestyle swimming relay

    On 6 August 2020, in the Olympic pool at the Cercle des Nageurs in Marseille
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Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images


2x French champion
1x European vice-champion

  • Club members played table tennis against Simon Gauzy, with five other contenders!

    On 14 August 2020, at the Saint Denis US 93 table tennis club!
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T. Nguyen

Le Fur

3x Paralympic champion
4x World champion


1x Paralympic champion
2x World champion

  • Club members flyed further than long-jumpers Marie-Amélie Le Fur and Arnaud Assoumani

    On 10 August 2020, in Paris
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G. Picout


4 women's singles titles
A member of the French team that won the 2019 Fed Cup


3rd in France, 42nd worldwide
A rising star of French wheelchair tennis

  • Club members played a tie-break against Pauline Parmentier and Charlotte Fairbank

    On 26 August 2020, at Croix Catelan, Paris!
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Alrik Prevel Chloé Ramdani

Bgirl Carlota

5th place in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games

B-boy Lagaet

6th place in the 2019 World Championship

  • Club members faced off B-girl Carlota and B-boy Lagaet in an epic battle

    On 27 August 2020, in Grande Synthe, in partnership with the Dunkirk urban community
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