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Mass events : in the footsteps of Olympians

Après un Run au cours de la Journée olympique 2019, 24 chanceux ont pu décrocher un dossard pour le marathon grand public de Paris 2024 !

From the bid phase, Paris 2024 promised to revolutionise the experience of the Olympic and Paralympic Games for the general public. Many people shared a dream that is now a reality: at the Mass Participation Marathon in 2024, amateur athletes will be able to follow the same route as the Olympic marathon event, enabling as many as possible to run in the footsteps of outstanding athletes. This will be an extraordinary experience, taking the same route in the same conditions. A road cycling event for the general public will aldo be held in Seine-Saint-Denis, taking participants around a route that showcases the best the local area has to offer.

Since the bid phase, Paris 2024 has been determined to provide people in France with an outstanding Games experience. Organising mass participation events during the Games will be a first in Olympic history.

Awakening our inner athlete

We have a clear goal: to put sport at the heart of French life, awakening the inner athlete that lies within each of us. Running a marathon or taking part in a cycling race over more than 100 kilometres is a major challenge, both mentally and physically. In 2024, we are inviting you to take on this challenge in a legendary setting. With this event, Paris 2024 is inviting people across France to be inspired by the athletic mindset and Olympic values, and integrate them into their day-to-day lives.

Les premiers dossards du marathon grand public de Paris 2024 décrochés à l'occasion de la Journée olympique
Photo : Yonathan Kellerman

The first entries for the Mass Participation Marathon already awarded

To celebrate Olympic Day in 2019, three races over 2024 metres were held at the legendary Place de la Concorde in Paris, where 24 people (men and women combined) won their ticket to be part of the Paris 2024 general public marathon. On the same day, another 22 entries were awarded during similar races in other regions across France, making what was once a distant dream a reality for 46 amateur runners with varying levels of experience.

This is a dream come true, it is really incredible to be able to run on the same route as the athletes!” – Antonio, 39

When my name was chosen in the draw, I did not really take it in at the time, or even several days later. It may not hit me until I am on the starting line! This is incredible, it is crazy to see such a high level of interest, it is really emotional. In five years, I will be 27, my life will no longer be the same. And being able to experience this in Paris, a city that I love so much… this is crazy!” – Thomas, 22.

Remise des premiers dossards pour le marathon grand public de Paris 2024
Photo : Yonathan Kellerman

Other entries have already been won by “Club Paris 2024” members, and there will be plenty of other chances right up until the Games to win a place to take part in these mass events. To enable as many people as possible to share this outstanding experience, several different race formats will be offered so that everyone, whether they are an experienced athlete or beginner, able-bodied or disabled, young or not so young, will be able to enjoy this truly exceptional moment.