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Paris 2024 puts forward the first Paralympic emojis

There are currently nearly 3,000 emojis out there, available for millions of people to use as they wish each day. Emojis form a universal language, understood throughout the world. Yet, Paralympic sport is not yet represented in this format, there are no emojis to reflect the incredible feats and amazing performances of Paralympic athletes. With support from the IPC and the French Paralympic and Sports Committee, Paris 2024 is working to get emojis representing Paralympic sports added to the official library, thereby helping to achieve fairer representation of diversity in sport.

All participation in sport should be represented. Paris 2024 is all about championing diversity, having pledged to organise the Paralympic Games to the same high standards as the Olympic Games – the two events share the same vision, the same emblem and represent two halves of the same project. These emojis will initially represent four Paralympic sports, and four disabilities. It will not be possible to represent all Paralympic sports, but the idea is to create a path that others may follow to achieve more inclusive representation.

On 3 December 2020, Paris 2024 pledged to submit a proposal for Paralympic emojis to the Unicode consortium, the body that decides on the adoption of new emojis. On 31 August 2021, the proposal has been submitted. With #ParaEmojis2024, we 🤞 that everyone will be able to use Paralympic emojis on their phones for Paris 2024!