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Paris 2024’s gender equality index on February, 13th 2023

Companies in France with more than 250 employees have been required to publish their professional gender equality index since January, 1st 2019. This index combines five indicators (pay gap; individual pay rises; individual promotions; pay rises on returning from maternity leave; and the number of women among the 10 highest paid employees). It provides each company with a snapshot of where it stands and helps it take measures to step up equality between women and men in its organisation.

Following the French Ministry of Labour’s method, Paris 2024 scored 92 over 100 points (on February, 13th 2023). It achieved the maximum score on pay levels, individual pay rises and promotions.

For an organisation that is only five years old and is still building its team, the results are encouraging and prompt us to push ahead with our proactive policy for gender equality.

Increasing equality takes determination, especially to fight against self-censorship. At Paris 2024, we take every opportunity we can to encourage the women who wish to join us to consider one of the many job opportunities that our project is opening up. If you’d like to apply, click below:

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