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Paris 2024 has reinvented the concept of Olympic and Paralympic pictograms, elevating them from mere visual aids to striking coats of arms serving as rallying cries for sports fans.

The 62 pictograms of the Olympic and Paralympic Games are standards that symbolise not only the different sports, but also pride, values, and a large and diverse family. They will bedeck the competition venues and appear everywhere that the Games are taking place, to guide spectators and drive the crowds.

The idea is to share these coats of arms with as many people as possible, including athletes, federation members, supporters…and you! Pick a coat of arms and wear it with pride! 

Olympic pictograms

The 47 sports in the Paris 2024 Olympic programme have their own pictograms, 8 of which are also used for the Paralympic sports.

Paralympic pictograms

The 23 Paralympic sports are represented through 8 pictograms shared with Olympic sports and 15 unique pictograms used for Paralympic disciplines only.

Each sport has its own coat of arms

Having first appeared over half a century ago, Games pictograms are no longer just simple and generalised images for signage, as the whole concept has been reinvented by Paris 2024. The newly unveiled pictograms illustrate each of the Olympic and Paralympic sports in a unique coat of arms, paying homage to the complexity of each of these sports and what makes them original. Each of the 62 Paris 2024 pictograms is a rallying cry and a symbol; a standard that will ignite fans’ pride during the world’s largest sporting event. 

A coat of arms to showcase each sport