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Paris 2024 announces Pride House

The Games are a celebration of diversity. To mark the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, Paris 2024 is once again setting out its commitment to combating all forms of discrimination and its support for any victims of discrimination. In line with its ambition to make the Games wide open, Paris 2024 is announcing the creation of a dedicated space during the Games to represent these minorities, a space that will be open to everyone, where it will be possible to celebrate its community and its pride: the Pride House.

The Paris 2024 emblem takes on the colours of the rainbow flag

On 17 May 2023, for the International Day against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, the Paris 2024 emblem will be flying the colours of the rainbow flag. Paris 2024 is symbolically highlighting its support for the members of the LGBTI+ community, while promoting the fight against any discrimination that they may face. With this initiative, Paris 2024 is once again making it clear that the Games are open to everyone, in line with the principle of non-discrimination that is at the heart of the Olympic and Paralympic values.

During the Games, discover the Pride House

“Games wide open” is the slogan for Paris 2024, as well as a clear commitment to organising Games that are accessible for everyone. Led by the Fier-Play association, working closely with Paris 2024, the Pride House will be set up at Parc de la Villette, at the heart of the Games and just a short distance from competition venues such as the La Chapelle Arena, Stade de France and even La Concorde.  

The Pride House is a safe, identifiable and welcoming space for everyone: LGBTI+ supporters, athletes and allies. Its goal is to celebrate the LGBTI+ athletes and ensure their visibility with a programme of celebratory, cultural and educational activities throughout the Games period.  

Empowering the athletes who want to express themselves on these subjects to find an ideal platform and a dedicated space where they can do this, the Pride House is open to everyone who believes in the need for more inclusive sport, around three objectives:  

  • Building awareness on the inclusion of LGBTI+ people in the world of sport by enabling them to express themselves from a dedicated space;
  • Offering a space for celebrating the performances of LGBTI+ athletes by enabling them to meet their supporters;
  • Leaving a more inclusive approach concerning LGBTI people in sport as a legacy for the international sporting movement.

Paris 2024 is committed to combating discrimination

Paris 2024 is fully committed to the fight against discrimination relating to gender and sexual orientation, and the creation of a Pride House follows on from the commitments made by Paris 2024 and our various stakeholders engaged in this area. Enabling everyone to meet together within a safe space for celebrating, exchanging, educating and sharing information is one of the means available to us to support the fight against all forms of discrimination relating to gender and sexual orientation.  

Alongside this, as an employer, Paris 2024 signed the LBGT+ Commitment Charter in July 2018, which makes it possible to: 

  • offer an exemplary and inclusive workplace environment,   
  • ensure equal rights and treatment for all employees,   
  • support any employees, irrespective of their gender, who might be victims of discriminatory actions or comments,   
  • measure the progress made and share best practices with a view to improving the general professional environment. 

A number of initiatives around projects using sport as a tool for inclusion to celebrate differences are supported each year by the Paris 2024 Endowment Fund. They include: 

  • the Club Roller Derby in Isère, which is committed to promoting the position of women and gender minorities (transgender, intersex, non-binary people) in the governance of sporting structures;      
  • the Kif Kif platform in Paris, which aims to facilitate meetings between people from different backgrounds – people with disabilities, LGBTQI+ people and/or people from popular neighbourhoods – in order to empower everyone to do sport together, looking beyond any differences.