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Para badminton

Para badminton
le 28 October 2020

Para badminton made its debut at the Paralympic Games in Tokyo. Para badminton has been contested internationally since the 1990s, with the first Para-badminton World Championships taking place in the Netherlands in 1998. The first governing body for Para badminton was the International Badminton Association for Disabled (IBAD), which was founded on 17 June 1995 in Stoke Mandeville (England) as the organising body for disabled badminton at the international level. In 2011 the sport was brought under the governance of the Badminton World Federation. A milestone was achieved in 2019, with the Para Badminton World Championships held alongside the World Championships in Basel. Like its Olympic counterpart, para badminton is popular all over the world, with the game being played in over 60 countries worldwide. 

During the paralympic Games in Tokyo, Asia dominated, with China winning five gold medals and topping the table. What will enthuse spectators at Paris 2024 is that’s Lucas Mazur won a gold and a silver in Tokyo. 

Brief overview of the rules 

Just like able-bodied athletes, para badminton players compete in singles and paired events. The size of the court can be adapted for certain categories, such as wheelchair singles matches, where half the regular court is used. Matches consist of two winning games of 21 points.  

Players are divided into six classes – four standing and two wheelchair – depending on the degree of impairment.  

Eligible impairments 

Orthopaedic impairments, paraplegia, quadriplegia, hemiplegia, cerebral palsy, degenerative neurological disorders, neurological disabilities. 

Events in 2024

There will be 16 medal events in Paris 2024, compared to 14 in Tokyo 2020.

  • Single WH1 (women’s-men’s)
  • Single WH2 (women’s-men’s)
  • Single SL3 (women’s-men’s)
  • Single SL4 (women’s-men’s)
  • Single SU5 (women’s-men’s)
  • Single SH6 (women’s-men’s)
  • Double WH1-2 (women’s-men’s)
  • Mixed double SL3-SU5
  • Mixed double SH6

Venue in 2024

International federation  

Badminton World Federation (BWF):  

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