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Last focus The new emblem

The Games going for gold for the planet

  • The world’s largest event

  • An event that brings nations together

  • Focusing on the environment

  • takes on humanity’s greatest challenge

  • and captures the world’s attention

  • to raise awareness among half the world

In five years,
the whole world
will be in Paris

206 nations represented,
13.5 million tickets sold,
4 billion television viewers.
→ → It is our responsibility to develop a new sustainable model for the Olympic Games
Discover Paris 2024’s ambition
→ → We have the opportunity to use Paris 2024 to step up the pace of the environmental transition in sport throughout the country
In France, 2.5 million competitions take place every year between the country’s 180,000 sports clubs, which are run by 3.5 million volunteers. The weight of the Olympic Games will encourage everyone involved in sport to adopt better practices and become drivers of change.

The Olympic Spirit promoting action

  • Much faster

    Because we need to pick up the pace in changing our model
  • Much higher

    Because we are aiming higher than ever before with these Games
  • Much stronger

    Because we are aware the only way to succeed is by working together

neutral Games

Paris 2024 built a sober concept relying on 95% of existing or temporary infrastructures and developed an innovative approach:
➀ Estimating its impact upstream to prepare for it and control it.
➁ Reducing its impact through a carbon management plan at every stage.
➂ Offsetting any impacts that cannot be avoided, even including spectator travel.   Discover Paris 2024’s methodology

Games that innovate and set an example

  • Using renewable energy

    • Grid-connected power: EDF will provide the Olympic Village and competition venues with fully renewable electricity
    • Backup power: through the Investments for the Future Programme, Paris 2024 will encourage the development of innovations to replace diesel generators with sources of clean energy on a large enough scale to power the Games
  • Promoting eco‑mobility

    • To promote eco‑mobility, spectators will be able to travel to all venues on foot, bicycle or public transport (Games tickets automatically give access to public transport)
    • Paris 2024 works to deploy a fleet of clean vehicles for the Olympic family and athletes, supported by Toyota and in collaboration with all regions of France
  • Contributing to a circular economy

    • Fighting against food waste
    • Encouraging alternatives to single‑use plastic
    • Reusing temporary materials and equipment where possible
Offsetting the full impact of the Games, really.
Paris 2024 has taken spectators into account in its impact assessment.

Games that bring
everyone together

A number of stakeholders are working to rise to the challenge

  • The IOC
    puts sustainability at the heart of the international olympic project.
  • The Paris City Council
    has made Paris 2024 an opportunity to speed up the environmental transition.
  • The Solideo
    is building the Olympic and Paralympic Village as the ultimate eco‑district.
  • The CNOSF
    fosters the social responsability of the olympic movement.
  • The CPSF
    fosters the social responsability of the paralympic movement.
  • The Ministry of Sports
    promotes a 15 commitments charter for eco-responsible sporting events.
  • WWF France
    has launched a programme to accelerate the environmental transition in sport, with the support of Paris 2024.
  • The Greater Paris region
    puts the Games at the service of the Île-de-France residents.