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The Torch Relay Team Relays

For the first time in the history of the Games, each day of the Olympic Torch Relay and the Paralympic Torch Relay, relay teams of 24 people, made up of champions, everyday athletes, volunteers, referees, coaches, etc., all members of the federations, will be organised to spread the energy of sport and teamwork throughout the country. Paris 2024 today reveals the first team relay torchbearers, who will carry the Flame as team relay captains!

Sport at the heart of the Paris 2024 Torch Relay

Each Organising Committee marks the history of the Torch Relay in its own way. The Paris 2024 Torch Relay will be resolutely sporting and collective! The Olympic and Paralympic Torch Relays, sponsored by Coca-Cola, the Banques Populaires and the Caisses d’Epargne, will be punctuated by team sporting relays organised on an unprecedented scale. 

These team relays are a perfect illustration of Paris 2024’s vision to put sport at the heart of the Relay and to showcase those who make and live sport on a daily basis. For the first time in the history of the Games, these team relays will involve the sports movement, with a view to showcasing the sports represented at the Games and thanking all those involved in sport on a daily basis throughout the country. On each day of the Torch Relay, one or two team relays will be held. 

Olympic Torch Relay team relays

Federation members at the heart of the Relay every day

  • For the Olympic Torch Relay, the 34 Olympic and Paralympic Federations whose sports are on the programme of the Summer Games, as well as the Tahitian Surfing Federation, will be organising a total of 69 team relays, with members from their discipline. 
  • Each of the team relays will be an opportunity to showcase the sport of each of the sports federations by adding a touch of the unusual or the spectacular or raising awareness of Para sport. 

Unique team relays

Like the 24 skateboarders who will take to the streets of Bordeaux and Blois, the team relays will surprise the public. The Sisteron rock will become the new playground for the Climbing Federation, the Château de Compiègne park the target for archers from the Archery Federation, and the towns of Troyes and Bagnolet open-air dance floors. The fencing team relay on the Lascaux IV site and the show put on by the golfers at Guyancourt also promise to be surprising. 

Spectacular team relays

The team relays will take place in exceptional locations, such as Mont-Saint-Michel for cycling. Omaha Beach will provide a spectacular backdrop for the equestrian team relay, while Les Sables-d’Olonne and Gruissan will be the setting for the sailing team relay. The surfing team relays look set to be grandiose, with a first team relay in Biarritz on the Basque coast, a second at La Torche in Finistère and a third organised by the Tahitian Surfing Federation on Teahupo’o beach. 

Team relays putting the spotlight on Para sport

In line with the vision of Paris 2024, the team relays will be an opportunity to promote the Paralympic disciplines during the Olympic Torch Relay. Two Para sport relays will be organised in the Var, in Saint-Raphaël and in the Morbihan in Lorient. Two other adaptive sport relays are also planned in Roanne and Châlons-en-Champagne. Each of the federations is also keen to represent Para sport in their various team relays. The French Hockey Federation will be setting up two Para hockey pitches in the heart of Bordeaux and Amiens, and the French Badminton Federation will also be devising a Para sport scenario. 

Paralympic Torch Relay Team Relays

Para sport identity everyday at the heart of the Torch Relay

For the Paralympic Torch Relay, six team relays, on themes linked to the Paralympic Movement, will be organised with the support of the French Paralympic and Sports Committee

  • A “Paralympic movement volunteers” relay: Made up of iconic volunteers from the Paralympic federations. 
  • A “Young para atheltes” relay: They are the future of the French Paralympic team and they are excellent spokespeople because their voice is appreciated by the public. 
  • Two “Paralympian” relays: To pay tribute to their sporting achievements and give them a higher profile. 
  • An “Innovative actions” relay: To highlight the people and organisations that are proposing and developing innovative actions, such as the programmes undertaken or supported by the CPSF (Impact 2024). 
  • An “Associations and caregivers” relay: Disability can turn the life of an individual or entire families upside down. This relay will be made up of people who give their lives for those around them who have disabilities, and people who work on a daily basis in associations to help develop the rights of caregivers. 

Paris 2024 wanted to make these team relays an unmissable event for all sports fans. Each team relay has been designed as a show for everyone. The public is invited to come and enjoy a moment of conviviality, emotion and sport! These team relays embody the values of sharing and team spirit that are so dear to the world of sport and the Games. 

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