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The games championed by athletes

It would be impossible to imagine the Games without athletes; to talk about sports without talking about sportspeople; to create a competition without any competitors. At Paris 2024, this is our firm belief. Our project is all about putting on an event that is organised both for the athletes and by the athletes. We’ve set up the Athletes’ Commission to give them a voice. Every Olympic and Paralympic Games organising committee has one but Paris 2024 has decided to broaden its scope.

The Paris 2024 Athletes’ Commission has 18 members, all of whom have taken part in Summer or Winter Olympic or Paralympic Games. The group mirrors the wealth and diversity in France’s sporting community.

A variety of topics

These athletes are working with us to offer their peers from around the world an unparalleled experience. This involves:

  • co-designing the olympic and paralympic Village to ensure it is as well adapted as possible to suit delegations’ daily routines and requirements ;
Read the Manifesto of the athlete's experience at the olympic and the paralympic village
  • imagining new concepts for celebrations and a new model for the Athletes’ House ;
  • reaching out to their peers around the world to ensure every Olympic and Paralympic nation has an input in Paris 2024.Driving momentum and presenting the Olympic and Paralympic Week in schools as well as Olympic Run Day (23 June). Wherever they are, whenever they meet with the general public, they share their knowledge as well as instil and promote the values of sport and the Olympic movement.

Who they are

The Commission comprises 18 active or retired athletes. They are members of the Winter or Summer Olympic or Paralympic federations – or, in the case of the provisionally included sports, members of the federations representing these disciplines.

President: Martin Fourcade (biathlon)

Members: Julien Benneteau (tennis), Marie Bochet (para alpine skiing), Perle Bouge (para rowing), Lucas Créange (para table tennis), Théo Curin (swimming), Hélène Defrance (sailing), Stéphane Diagana (athletics), Gévrise Emane (judo), Gwladys Epangue (taekwondo), Guillaume Gille (handball), Fabien Gilot (swimming), Astrid Guyart (fencing), Jessica Harrison (triathlon), Fanny Horta (rugby 7s), Michael Jérémiasz (wheelchair tennis), Florian Rousseau (cycling) and Diandra Tchatchouang  (basketball).

The Athletes’ Commission

The Commission is required to comply with the IOC Code of Ethics, IPC (International Paralympic Committee) Code of Ethics and Paris 2024 Code of Ethics adopted on 17 April 2019, and its duties include : Involvement in approving athlete reception and living conditions during the Games, and advising Paris 2024 on the practical implementation of these conditions.

-Helping to involve the community of athletes in France and around the world, as well as engage the general public and institutions throughout France.

-Encouraging participation in sport, the construction of a more inclusive society and the protection of the environment by championing and heading grassroots projects.