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The Games for everyone in France

The Games for everyone in France
le 15 October 2019

Every time France has hosted the Games since their revival – on 23 June 1894 in Paris – they have left their mark in history. Women were allowed to take part in the Games for the first time in 1900. The core concept of an olympic Village first materialised in 1924. The 1968 Winter Olympic Games in Grenoble were the first to be broadcast in colour. The 1992 Games in Albertville propelled the ritual opening ceremony into a new dimension. Paris will once again break new ground in 2024 as the public will for the first time in history be able to become more than simple spectators and actively take part in the Games.

Athletes leave nothing to chance when it comes to preparing to compete in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Every detail counts, every tenth of a second matters, every millimetre in every movement can make a difference. We’d like fans to have the same attitude when they prepare for their big day. Wherever they are – watching the Games on TV, in a fan zone, in a stadium or pitchside – we’d like them to be on their game and decide what role they want to play in 2024.

Sport touches us all

Hosting the Games is an opportunity to get fired up about sport and sportspeople, and in particular the lesser-known disciplines, the rules and the athletes, etc. Paris 2024 is strengthening the bond that people in France have with sport. Since the bidding phase, we have been adding new highlights to the calendar to encourage people to share and celebrate sport together:

  • Olympic Day on June 23 every year
  • Olympic and Paralympic Week at the beginning of every year

Several other milestones will boost participation in sport in France between now and 2024:

  • The Olympic and Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020
  • The Olympic and Paralympic Games in Beijing in 2022
  • The Youth Olympic Games in Lausanne in 2020 and Dakar in 2022
  • The major international sporting events in France (Roland Garros, the Tour de France, the 2023 Rugby World Cup, etc.)
  • Test events

Paris 2024 is revolutionising the Games experience

Paris 2024 will revolutionise the olympic and paralympic experience by giving everyone an opportunity to be part of the Games. People will be able to enjoy the competition from the inside for the first time ever. Several events including the olympic marathon will be open to the public – so anyone can experience the once-in-a-lifetime excitement of the Games following in the footsteps of the elite athletes.

Exploring the possibilities of connected sport

If the IOC approves, the offshore race will be the first in the history of the Games where amateur sailors can compete with the best online, in real time and on the same circuit, using e-sailing technology.

Real-time connected cycling and rowing events are already available, so everyone can take on the exact same challenges as the athletes competing.

Something for everyone

Everyone who wants to take part in the Games is welcome to do so. And we will soon be opening Club 2024 to make that happen.

The pledge is that “You can be part of the Games too.”

Club 2024 is a five-year-long adventure peppered with memorable experiences including Games-related activities, challenges and rewards for the most committed members. On a daily basis, the Club will encourage people to take part in sport, push their limits, have fun and express themselves.