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The Look of the Games

The “Look of the Games” is the visual identity that will guide spectators, athletes, volunteers and everyone else involved in the Games throughout the event.

It will adorn all locations featuring at the Games, such as competition areas and the Athletes’ Village, as well as other sites all over Paris. It embodies the spirit of this edition of the Games, making it instantly recognisable. Today, Paris 2024 reveals the decor that will embody the Games. In line with its ambition of making history and creating an unforgettable atmosphere by reinventing the symbols of the Games, Paris 2024 is presenting a Look that breaks the mould. It will showcase the athletes’ performances and create the ideal setting for spectators’ celebrations.

And, for the first time, the Look will also be adapted to different host cities. Colourful yet aesthetically pleasing, daring yet minimalist, and modern yet richly symbolic; discover the Look of the Paris 2024 Games, which reflects French elegance and the spirit of our edition of the Games.  

Our creative ambition

The Look of Paris 2024 aims to invite everyone to the party while shining a spotlight on athletes’ exceptional performances at magnificent sporting arenas. It will create the ideal setting for unforgettable sporting achievements. It aligns with Paris 2024’s ambition of making history, breaking new ground and flying the flag for our country, Paris, and this very special edition of the Games. Our Look harnesses our creative ambition for the celebrations of the Games, with bright, warm colours. Blue, red, green and purple, with symbols alluding to the French art de vivre and iconic locations in France, the Look of the Games by Paris 2024 illustrates the country’s wealth and diversity.  

The Look of the Games by Paris 2024 fulfils four aims: a Look designed to celebrate sport, bringing to life the festive atmosphere of the Games with a joyously colourful visual identity. It has a resolutely French sense of style and elegance, inspired by art deco, to highlight and showcase the athletes’ performances. But it is also a sustainable Look, which will be identical at both the Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games, save a few minor adaptations. Lastly, it is a customisable Look, as the Paris 2024 Games are for the whole of France. The Paris 2024 Look will therefore be adapted for host cities and partners – a first in the history of the Games.  

The Games,
out on the cobblestone streets

As a symbol of Paris 2024, the Look must embody the most beautiful city in the world while paying tribute to the whole of France by taking and adapting one of the most iconic materials found in roads in Paris and the rest of the country: the cobblestone. Adapted into various geometric shapes to evoke various symbols of Paris and France, it represents a unit of measurement in the realm of creative possibility of the Look of Paris 2024. The cobblestones can be put together and adapted in endless ways to represent French heritage, forming a building block of the Look of the Games that will illustrate Paris 2024 and adorn the streets of France and Paris in particular.    

The symbols of Paris 2024 and France placed centre stage :

  • Sports venues : To highlight the most beautiful sports venues in Paris and all over France, which will host performances by the best athletes in the world  
  • Iconic locations : Paris 2024 is organising the Games at the heart of the most beautiful city in the world. It is an opportunity to showcase its many equally iconic monuments  
  • The French art de vivre :  France will welcome the world, creating an opportunity to highlight its symbols and the art of French elegance, which will represent the country worldwide   

A different design for each city

Each of the places hosting the Games – Châteauroux, Paris, Lille, Marseille and even Tahiti – is unique, with its own iconic and instantly recognisable sights. For the first time, the cities hosting the Games will be able to personalise the Look, adapting it in line with their different identities. Each of these cities will have its own version of the Look, with its own colours and reflecting its personality. Like the spirit of the Games, the Look of Paris 2024 will be visible all over the country.