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The Olympic and Paralympic Village: the first images

The Olympic and Paralympic Village will be delivered on the 4th quarter of 2023, before welcoming the athletes during the Paris 2024 Games. In addition to provide the athletes the best services possible, the Village is also designed to be delivering a new part of the city, mirroring Paris 2024’s exemplary environmental standards, for the people of Seine Saint Denis.

The consortiums that will build the Olympic and Paralympic Village submitted their bids to SOLIDEO (the company tasked with delivering the Olympic facilities) during a consultation that began in March 2019. The images of the selected project capture Paris 2024’s vision: the Village will be built to pioneering environmental standards, meet athletes’ requirements during the Games and benefit the community for a long time after them.

The Village, conceived with the athletes

Paris 2024 could not leave the athletes out of the conception of the Olympic and Paralympic Village. Several athletes from the 5 continents had the opportunity to share their vision of the ideal Village. Managed by the Athletes’ Commission of Paris 2024, a manifesto summarizing their ideas and demands, and will guide the arrangements of the area, building a Village by athletes, for athletes.

The Olympic and Paralympic Village: a few facts and figures

The Village will span parts of three cities: Saint Denis, Saint Ouen and Île Saint Denis. It will accommodate 14 250 athletes during the Olympic Games, and 8 000 during the Paralympics Games. Up to 60 000 meals will be served each day, and a medical clinic will be available at any time by the athletes. After the Games, the Village will become a neighbourhood with :

  • 2,500 new homes;
  • 1 student residence;
  • 1 hotel;
  • A 3-hectare landscaped park;
  • About 7 hectares of gardens and parks;
  • 120,000 sqm of offices and city services;
  • 3,200 sqm of neighbourhood shops.

Legacy: the city of the future

Beyond the buildings’ modern looks, it was the commitments matching Paris 2024’s vision for low-carbon Games and sound financial stewardship that tipped the balance in favour of the winning bid. The Village will meet Paris 2024’s and SOLIDEO’s requirements regarding environmental excellence, and the goal is to design and deliver a neighbourhood reflecting urban spaces as we envision them in 2050:

  • It will help to protect and foster biodiversity (with rooftops built to house insects and birds, enclosures with openings for small animals to pass through, etc.);
  • The carbon-emissions budget will help to achieve the goals in Paris’s Climate Plan and stay on track for carbon neutrality in 2050, for example using wood and other organically-sourced materials;
  • It will help to adapt the city to the climate in 2050, with features that will accommodate and mitigate the effects of climate change (surfacings, plants and water in public areas, etc.).

The countdown has begun

The next milestone will come around in early 2021, when construction work starts. The goal is to complete construction by Q4 2023. After the Games, the operators will start repurposing the Village’s residential units in November 2024. They will hand over a new, eco-responsible, functional neighbourhood, which will blend into the city of the future, to the community in 2025.