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The Paris 2024 Cultural Olympiad

Les Invalides Sport paralympique

Sport is only part of the Olympic and Paralympic Games – which also celebrate art and culture. The Olympiads have combined sport and culture since ancient times, and the Olympic Games’ programme included artistic competitions from 1912 to 1948. At Paris 2024, we are preparing a Cultural Olympiad to shine a light on the wealth and variety of culture in France.

A conversation between culture and sport, and open to all.

The Paris 2024 Cultural Olympiad will start as soon as the Tokyo Games end in 2021. The events over those three-plus years will reach a large audience everywhere in France. They will feature our country’s creation and heritage as well as its plethora of local cultures, across every artistic discipline. And they will lead into the Festival Olympique in the places hosting Paris 2024 Games competitions.

The concept for the Paris 2024 Games is aimed at showcasing France’s extraordinary heritage – the Château de Versailles, Grand Palais, Invalides, Champ de Mars and other emblematic venues. But the cultural programme during Paris 2024 will take one step further, bringing people together in those well-known landmarks, as well as starring more modern heritage in Seine Saint Denis and lesser-known and intangible attractions. Shining a light on every facet of culture to capture the full Paris 2024 Games narrative will be one of this Cultural Olympiad’s goals.

Sparking surprises

Paris 2024 is also aiming to pull the spotlight onto talented artists and athletes, combine sport and art in unexpected ways and provide opportunities for artists and audiences to interact. That’s why we will focus especially on young generations of artists, up-and-coming trends and counter-current movements. There will be events taking over public spaces everywhere in France and treating the public to participative, immersive, memorable and in many cases all-new experiences. Accessibility for all, in particular including people with impairments, will be one of the key features at this celebration that everyone is welcome to join.

A Cultural Olympiad prepared with the world of art and culture

For this celebration to be complete and touch people’s hearts, Paris 2024 is joining forces with people throughout the world of art and culture and with experts across a wide variety of disciplines.

Paris 2024 will prepare this Cultural Olympiad with artists, craftspeople and authors, as well as national and local cultural institutions, festivals and venues – i.e. with people representing France’s full spectrum of cultural wealth.