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France has been given the honour of hosting the Summer Paralympic Games for the first time ever. On 28 August 2024, the 4,400 most talented Paralympic athletes of their generation will take over the city of Paris to show off their skills to France and the entire world. With two years to go, it is time to start getting ready; Paralympic athletes and sports federations will therefore be joining us on 8 October 2022, so we can all experience an exceptional day of sport together.


On 8 October 2022, Paralympic athletes will take over Paris – and invite the general public along for Paralympic Day. Organised by Paris 2024, the French Ministry of Sport and the Olympic and Paralympic Games, the French Paralympic and Sports Committee (CPSF) and the Paris City Council, this event will offer demonstrations and taster sessions showcasing a dozen Paralympic disciplines that will be free to everyone, whether they have a disability or not.

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Meet Paralympic athletes

Paralympic athletes are coming to see us in Paris on 8 October 2022, where they’ll be sure to make an impression, change perceptions and get us all ready for 2024. It will mark the start of a powerful connection between the people of France and athletes from all over the world. Paralympic Day 2022 therefore symbolises a collective movement that we will all be part of until 28 August 2024.

Discover Paralympic sports

How do you attack your opponent in wheelchair fencing? How do you compete in the long jump with a prosthetic leg? And can you really play football if you have a vision impairment? In order to make Paralympic sports more widely known and get as many people involved as possible, whether as participants or spectators, we must first of all explain what these sports are and encourage people to have a go. Everyone can take part on Paralympic Day, regardless of whether they have a disability, thanks to the sports federations’ efforts.

Sharing a day of sport, celebration and inclusion

Paralympic Day is a day of celebration that features cultural and artistic events and fosters new connections and discovery. It is a day of pride, energy and conviction that will put people with disabilities centre stage in the heart of the city.


The Paralympic Games are one of the world’s biggest sporting events. The athletes will surprise you with their exceptional performances and send you home with unforgettable memories. The Games can drive progress and change mindsets by shining a spotlight on people with disabilities. It’s time to blow the Paralympic the Games wide open!

Eyes wide open

The Paralympic Games are a dream opportunity for us to witness extraordinary performances by Paralympic athletes in a breathtaking setting; there will be wheelchair fencing and taekwondo at the Grand Palais, archery at the Esplanade des Invalides, para dressage at the Château de Versailles, football 5-a-side at the Eiffel Tower stadium and more. A total of 3.4 million tickets will go on sale for performances by the best Paralympic athletes on the planet in 2024.

Mindsets wide open

Let’s harness the unique power of sport to change the way people think about disability. Non-disabled people are encouraged to practise sport, but it is even more highly recommended for people with disabilities so that they can gain endurance and independence while spending time with friends or meeting new people. Exercise is good for both mind and body, at any age and physical condition. That is why Paris 2024, along with the French Paralympic and Sports Committee and the Paris City Council, is supporting the development of a network of sports clubs for people with disabilities and jointly funding inclusive sport-related projects through its endowment fund (available in French only).

Hearts and arms open wide

With a single emblem and slogan and united behind one Team France, and sharing sporting venues and pioneering concepts for the opening ceremony, Paris 2024 places an equal amount of importance in the Olympic and Paralympic Games. Each version of the Games will bear its own identity while creating a strong shared impact. With constantly improving performances and new records broken at every edition of the Games, spectators both on site and at home always show up to enjoy the action.

The experience of the Games open wide

The Paris 2024 Games will strive to guarantee accessibility to everyone at every step of the experience, not only on the website, through ticket sales and in the volunteer programme, but also at all facilities – whether they be competition and training sites or the Athletes’ village. All the sites that have been built or renovated will remain fully accessible as part of the Games’ legacy.