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Chateauroux Shooting Centre

The Chateauroux Shooting Centre will welcome the 340 Olympic athletes and the 160 Paralympic athletes competing in shooting events at the Paris 2024 Games. Inaugurated by the French Shooting Federation in 2018, this unique venue is one of the largest such facilities in Europe. Equipped with several shooting ranges and therefore capable of hosting all shooting events at the Games, the centre gained a new “finals” building in 2022, which means it can now accommodate international pistol and rifle finals. This building will host all the indoor shooting finals during the Paris 2024 Games.

In July 2022, the Paris 2024 Board of Directors approved plans to make the Chateauroux Shooting Centre a competition venue for the Paris 2024 Games. The centre will be used for 15 Olympic shooting events and 13 Paralympic shooting events in 2024.

What events in 2024 ? 

Olympic Games 

  • 10m air pistol (women’s/men’s/mixed team)
  • 10m air rifle (women’s/men’s/mixed team)
  • 50m rifle 3 positions (women’s/men’s)
  • Skeet (women’s/men’s/mixed team)
  • Trap (women’s/men’s)
  • 25m rapid fire pistol (women’s/men’s)

Jeux Paralympiques


  • R1 10m air rifle standing SH1 (men’s)
  • R2 10m air rifle standing SH1 (women’s)
  • R3 10m air rifle prone SH1 (mixed)
  • R7 50m rifle 3 positions SH1 (men’s)
  • R8 50m rifle 3 positions SH1 (women’s)
  • R4 10m air rifle standing SH2 (mixed)
  • R5 10m air rifle prone SH2 (mixed)
  • R6 50m rifle prone SH1 (mixed)
  • R9 50m rifle prone SH2 (mixed)


  • P1 10m air pistol SH1 (men’s)
  • P2 10m air pistol SH1 (women’s)
  • P3 25m pistol SH1 (mixed)
  • P4 50m pistol SH1 (mixed)

Where is it located ?

Department : Indre (36), central France

Ville : Châteauroux

Distance depuis Paris : 2h15 by train

Read more about the host town :

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The Chateauroux Shooting Centre will continue to be used for international shooting events after the Games.