The Year of Olympic values from school to university

In order to create a sensible and sustainable project that is beneficial to society as a whole, Paris 2024 hopes to rally the youth around sport and the Olympic values.


These values—and more generally the values of sport—are universal and will easily find ground for expression in schools and French national education programmes.

In association with the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research, the Federations of school and university sport and the sports movement, Paris 2024 is working to deploy a sports development and community mobilisation programme focused on the Olympic values.

In this context, the Year of Olympic values from school to university was launched last 14 September:

  • To highlight sport as an educational tool that contributes to school and university teaching
  • To highlight the cultural dimension of sport, by developing both cultural and sporting actions
  • To draw on sport as a tool to strengthen the links between schools and the sports movement, thereby addressing unequal access to sport, whether the cause be territorial, social, gender-based, cultural or related to disability.



The first Olympic and Paralympic Week will take place from 21 to 29 January 2017. A great opportunity to mobilise across all schools and universities in France in support of the Paris 2024 bid!

Sporting events, presentations by athletes in schools and lessons focusing on sport and the Olympic values are on the agenda with the aim to achieve two objectives:

- Enhance the value of sport, more specifically disabled sport, by organising shared sporting events

- Enhancing the value of sport as an educational tool and setting up activities related to Olympic values